Enjoying This Proud Parents Tune

One of my favorite albums this year is the latest Spook School LP; having so many songwriters in one band really makes the whole listen refreshing. Why does that matter with Proud Parents? Well, the group employs a similar strategy, with three vocalists/songwriters helming the ship. On their new single that recently popped up, its clearly visible, trading verses/choruses with one another while guitar chords dance around the vocals and cymbals constantly crash through your speakers. There’s something innately catchy; the band just seem to be having a blast, and that grabs me. The band will release their debut for their new label, Dirtnap Records, later this year!

Dig the New Mind Spiders Tune

As avid Mind Spiders fans at ATH, we feel we should help you circle back to the band’s latest track, dropped just yesterday. It’s an interesting number, opening with what seems a sampled drum pulse before vocals start being thrown through your speakers from a distance. You can hear a faint tension in the building of the guitars, but it’s never fully unleashed, coated in a darkened cloud that rides the track out. Eventually, voices are gone and you have the band delving into their own propulsive sound as the track fades out. It’s the title track from their new effort Furies, which will be released by Dirtnap Records on January 26th.

Jeff Burke Is Back with Lost Balloons

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Jeff Burke, be it in Radioactivity or Marked Men, but his little known project, Lost Balloons also has a soft spot. Quietly, this new single popped up on Dirtnap Records soundcloud, and lo and behold the band have a new records ready on June 16th. Like all Burke’s tracks, the immediacy of his pop sensibility connects, this time with a simple ring of quick acoustic guitar. Burke’s voice has a familiarity that I love, but it also seems to maintain this perfect youthfulness that many artists try to move beyond. Dammit I love pop music; I hope I love Hey Summer when it hits this June.

ATX Spotlight: Fresh Music from Drakulas

drakulasPop punk definitely has a home in Austin, but it seems we’ve inherited a great bit of that from our friends up in the DFW/Denton area, especially if you give a listen to this brand new Drakulas track. The band is brandishing a blend of gritty pop punk akin to Texas vets Marked Men or Radioactivity…and this is not entirely a bad thing, as I’m clearly a fan of that sound. Their album, Raw Wave, hits stores on November 18th, and it’s shaping up to be something quite special. In what seems like a banner year for Austin music, it looks like we have another hit on our hands; look for the release from Dirtnap Records.

Brand New Sonic Avenues Jam

sonicavesDid someone say new Sonic Avenues? Oh you did? Then I’m posting about it. Interestingly, this has a very Canadian feel about it, like an edgier version of Handsome Furs. There’s the same propulsive style, and the delivery is akin tothe aforementioned act. But, these guys rock a bit harder, as you’d expect from an act on Dirtnap Records. They build in that explosion around the 1.45 minute mark, then settle back in to make sure you never forgot that they adore pop sensibility. Their new record, Disconnector, will be out on October 7th…and I’ll be picking it up.

Fresh Power Pop Punk from Sonic Avenues

sonicavesAnother day, another hit from Dirtnap Records. Really, the story should be that Sonic Avenues continue to impress me with their walk between power pop and pop punk, similar to the work of label mates Mind Spiders. That being said, there’s always a shinier side in their tracks, but the breakdown in the middle of this tune feels more sinister, so perhaps their new effort, Disconnector, will have the band expanding on their near-perfect sound. Turn it up loud, listen to the anthemic chorus, and get yourself to the record store on October 7th.

Jamming to New Low Culture

lowcultureBeing a huge fan of the stuff Dirtnap Records has put out over the last, well, forever, it should be no surprise that I’m in love with this Low Culture tune. I’ve covered the band many times before, so I was excited to hear that the band were announcing Places to Hide, their newest LP. The sound’s immediately recognizable, furious buzzsaw guitars, power chord hooks and a quick pace that blasts you through the track right away. Turn up this tune, rock out in your office chair, then look to get your hands not he new LP when it’s released on September 9th.

Banger from Bad Sports

badsportsWhile we’ve long been fans of Bad Sports (and that’s not changing), I think this is the heaviest or hardest hitting track the group have released. It makes sense too, seeing as the group is comprised of members of Video and OBN IIIs. It’s as if the vocals on this tune were geared to incite a riot, almost barked out as orders, rather than sung. Personally, I’m in love with the bass line in this tune, bouncing quickly along to the pace of the guitar work; listen for the nice guitar solo too near the 2 minute mark. Want some rock n’ roll? Can’t get better than this…look for their new Living With Secrets EP via Dirtnap Records real soon!

We Missed Bad Sports

badsports1A few weeks ago, Bad Sports dropped this single, promoting their newest effort for Dirtnap Records. We’ve long supported the Austin/Denton group, and this track is the perfect example of their strengths. They make simple statements with their lyrics, added a pounding rhythm then Orville and Daniel’s vocals give the impression that this is rock n’ roll meant for a huge stadium. Anthemic rock n’ roll only succeeds if you mean it, and if you’ve caught they various acts these guys are involved in (Radioactivity, OBN IIIs, Video), then you know no one means it more.

New Music from Steve Adamyk Band

steveDammit if this isn’t the catchiest track that Steve Adamyk Band have written to date. I was caught with the guitar sounds from the get-go, but when the vocals blasted in I turned the speakers up…backing vocals are added in just the right places to maximize the tonal hook (including Colleen Green making an appearance). In a world where everyone’s excited about the revival of late emo sounds, I’d much rather turn to the classic sounds of great pop punk, which is where these guys look to be headed with their new effort Graceland. Look for the new effort on July 29th via Dirtnap Records.

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