Divers Rock New Single

diveredI’m really hooked on Divers at the moment.  They’re not breaking barriers down, but they’re executing things so well that I can’t deny them some time on my daily playlist.  This latest single, has a breathy quality to the core part of the vocals, though they’re unleashed powerfully as the song progresses.  Sometimes really good pop music manages to make the world feel just right, and that’s precisely the vibe I’m feeling here from this Portland outfit.  Grab their debut Hello Hello on February 17th via Partydamage and Rumbletowne.

Divers Bring Out New Single

dvrsThe guys in Divers talk of walking the fine long between indie rock and punk rock, and listening to their new single, you can hear them straddling that strange divide.  Opening this tune is this jagged guitar and furious punch; it reminds me of Les Savy Fav at their most bombastic.  But, those moments subside quickly and move into a safer world where Win Butler would feel most protected..or one of those Hold Steady cats. It’s definitely something I enjoy, though I’m not sure where it falls in my life. I guess we’ll see when their album Hello Hello falls on February 17th.