Austin Spotlight: Tele Novella

teleThose of you who’ve been following the local Austin scene surely are aware of the blossoming act, Tele Novella, but if not, now’s the time for you take notice.  The group is pretty sensational, creating some of the best pop music to come out of city, and dare I say, the world as a whole.  There’s a soft spin on the vocals for this track, and the construction of the track allows for inspired listeners to take the most out of every spin.  You’ll find the group  releasing their debut 7″, Don’t Be a Stranger, on November 5th, with some great Texas gigs lined up.  Going to be a nice year (and beyond) for this four-piece.

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New Trickling Track from Mark Eitzel

It’s weird how the music world works, heralding an act one minute and disregarding the net.  I don’t know, I try not to get too caught up in the hype or the hoopla, so I’m definitely going to share this new Mark Eitzel tune with you.  You hopefully recognize Mark’s name from American Music Club, but now he’s going it alone again with his new offering, Don’t Be A Stranger.  This record is coming out on October 2nd via Merge Records, and the label’s thinking it’s going to be his best work in decades…along the lines of Five Leaves Left and Harvest Moon.  Definitely interested to hear the whole collection after letting this song carry me away for a bit.

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