New Jam From The Clap

Here’s a fun new song called “Lucy 2” from Atlanta based fuzz-pop band The Clap.  The song appears on a new 7″ single due out from the band on September 6th via Double Phantom Records.    Having only been around for a couple of years, not much info can be found about this promising band but more tunes are available over on their bandcamp page.  Any song with a recorder solo is sure to be posted on this site…


Download: The Clap – Lucy 2 [MP3]

More New Music From Balkans

A couple months ago, we shared info with you about a cool new song and 7″ release from Atlanta based band Balkans.  We’ll we’ve been digging the band ever since and now see it fit to tell you about their upcoming full length self-titled debut LP.  The album, set for release on May 10th via Double Phantom Records, features tons of sick guitar based rock n roll that we ATH kids are all over these days.  Here’s the second single available from the release called “Troubled and Done”.


Download: Balkans – Troubled and Done [MP3]

New Music from Balkans

Perhaps I’ve already explained my excitement about 2011, primarily based on the fact that I’ve been hearing a lot of really exciting guitar-based bands kicking out the jams.  Yes, I know they’re have been some in the past, but it seems that we’ve spent a lot of time on electronica lately, so I’m pleased to introduce you to Balkans, an Atlanta four-piece.  They’ve got a great new 7″ coming our way on Double Phantom Records on Februrary 22nd, and the A-side is ridiculously  solid. It has a bit of that garage affectation, yet there’s more of a driving rhythm that steers it more towards a nice dirty pop bent. Just give it a go, and I’m sure you’ll be pleased.


Download: Balkans – Edita V [MP3]

New Tunes from Roman Photos

Atlanta seems to have a lot of unnoticed talent, and that being the case, I was fortunate enough to find an email including some sweet bedroom dance tunes from Roman Photos, who have a killer design aesthetic to go with their killer tuneage.  They’ve got a few 7″s coming out in the next few months, one on Double Phantom Records.  The track hear has some soft vocal traits, but don’t think of this as some sort of downtrodden affair; there’s an underlying beauty incorporated beneath layers of synth haze.  If you’re into the band, you can also head to the band’s BANDCAMP, and hook yourself up with a free digital Into the Night EP of more tasty treats. Keep your eyes on this prize in the coming months.


Download: Roman Photos – Decline [MP3]