Sorry I Missed This: New Doubting Thomas Cruise Control

I loved what I heard from Doubting Thomas Cruise Control back in 205 with their Remember Me John Lydon Forever LP; it offered up a heavier, punkier version of the slow-core perfected by the likes of Bedhead. Now, they’ve just released Bob Ross II, with similar notes, though the puncher elements bring an added attitude of quirkiness/nerdiness, like theshort jam “Catch My Drift.” The album also has an ode to everyone’s favorite foil Falstaff, so that works for this bookworm. If you’re looking for a rocking act that owes debts to the New Year or Pinback, then go grab this LP now, and feel free to enjoy rock n’ roll again.

Doubting Thomas Cruise Control

doubtingthomasWould love to know more about the story behind the name, Doubting Thomas Cruise Control, but what I do know is that their latest single is pretty solid number in my book. It reminds me a lot of early 2000s indie rock, the kind that often showed up on Jade Tree.  It’s got a casual delivery, yet this slowcore approach to the guitar sound…and I’m a fan of both those things.  It’s another reason to keep an eye on the band as they prep the release of their new album, Remember Me John Lydon Forver; it’s being released on August 14th via our friends at Fleeting Youth Records.

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