Drag the River on Daytrotter!

I first got into Drag the River through a bunch of friends who were all about ALL.   You really can’t go wrong with a bunch of pop-punk heroes going country singing about whiskey, Jesus and such.  Luckily, the band, rumored to not be working anymore, just went up on Daytrotter.  It’s got all tracks from an up-and-coming session called 2010 Demons, which are supposedly demos of work that has yet to be finished.  Regardless, one listen to this track below and you’ll see why I love these guys.


Download: Drag the River – Other Side Of OK [Mp3]

Friday In Austin! (11/13)

revivaltour2009Friday is another one of those rare (or not so rare) days in Austin that comes around every once and a while that blows the minds of us music types.  The day is so jammed full of music goodness that we are dedicating a whole post just to Friday’s shows.  Which one are you headed to?

The Parish: Elvis Perkins & A. A. Bondy @ 8pm for $14.

Mohawk: Bishop Allen and Darwin Deez outside @ 8pm.  Tickets for $10.

Stubbs: Indie supergroup Monsters of Folk @ 7pm for just $35.

Beerland: Local boys Frantic Clam, Visitors, Basic & Hotel Hotel for only $5 @ door.

Austin Music Hall: Mastodon, Dethklok, High on Fire, & Converge @ 6:30 for $35.

Red 7: The Revival Tour with Chuck Ragan (Hot Water Music), Jim Ward (Sparta), Frank Turner, Possessed By Paul James, & Jon Snodgrass and Chad Price (Drag the River) for only $10.