Pia Fraus Share Hidden Parks

I was really blown away by 2017’s Field Ceremony (Shelflife), the last long player from Estonian outfit Pia Fraus. Since then, they’ve slowly begun to round out the noisier bits into this really beautiful dream pop; it’s the sort that takes all these little atmospheric layers and bundles them together in tiny little pop nuggets. For instance, the vocals almost seem to match, and then again they almost don’t; they seem like these ethereal echoes dancing around one another, which works sublimely with the feathery jangle of the guitars. As I’m writing this, the weather’s damp and rainy, and nothing else seems more fitting than this tune. The band have a new 5 track EP scheduled for early next year via Seksound, but in the meantime, head to their site and hear some remixes of this single!

Das Kope Shares New Tune

Always enjoy a good Das Kope tune. The Brazilian-born, LA-based artist has this way of flirting with dream pop under a funkier electronic guise, which helps me maintain my hipster cool while still dipping my toe in the electronic pond. This one’s no different, bringing that sort of coolly washed beach vibe into play, while still driving home this heavy beat that really grooves; I’m pretty sure its the perfect jam to open up on a Monday morning. There’s been promise of a full album worth of tunes before the 2019 year is up, though still no word on that as of yet, but in the meantime, I’m pretty sure you can start your day here.

El Lago Return with Endless

I’ve been a huge supporter of El Lago since their first LP came out via Miss Champagne, and now, thanks to our friend Sjimon over at Week in Pop, we have another new tune from the group to enjoy…plus the announcement of a new LP. There’s something about this tune that crafts this brooding sensation; it seems to almost have an air of traditional goth flare…though with Lauren Eddy’s voice there’s always going to be this sort of angelic dreaminess working its way into the tune. They seem to play with that balance between dark and light here, especially around the 1:45 mark where the song turns into this pounding sonic exploration before settling back into Eddy’s vocal performance to wrap the tune in a perfect bow for you. Their new LP, Pyramid, will be out on Wallflower Records on October 25th.

Sheer Beauty From No Vacation

Hey now and happy Tuesday! Recent Brooklyn by way of San Francsisco transplant, No Vacation, has been building up a lot of buzz over the last few years with their whimsical, light and dreamy sound. This year the band plans to release a new EP entitled Phasing which is sure to yet again please the ever growing fan base. Prior to the October release date for the extended player, the band just dropped this new single “Estrangers”. It is another stellar entry in the band’s catalog which is helping to establish them as one of the best dream pop bands around.

Phasing will be released on October 18th via Topshelf Records.

Sorry I Missed This: Sasha and the Valentines

Even in our own backyard, things slide by, which probably isn’t aided by me choosing to stay home more often and kick it with my rad kid…so please, I apologize for not pointing you earlier to how great Sasha and the Valentines are. I just caught them playing at our friend Maud’s birthday party, and while I knew the rest of the acts would be great, I was caught off by how entrancing this act was. Their EP, dropped at the end of May has these slightly dreamy pop tones, perfectly coated in musical atmospherics right where they need to be. One of the things I loved live, which lives in the recorded version, is the way singer Sarah holds onto monosyllabic notes; it definitely provides a hypnotic effect you might enjoy. These four songs are great, I’m sorry I missed them. But here they are now.

Stream the Glaze TV EP

Those of you following the Austin scene are surely aware of the talented noise rockers, Glaze; they’ve been one of our favorites for the last few years, known for incredible live performances. Today, the band release their Glaze TV EP, and I think it’ll only take one listen before you, too, fall in love with the band. “Beetlejuice” is an obvious standout, but I love it for illustrating all the things I love about the band; there’s heavy noise present, stripped back for melody, brooding energy and even a little bit of post-rock thrown in the breakdown…they’ve got all your favorites covered in one jam! I think “Moody” is another nice addition to the band’s catalog as well, giving off glimpses of the band’s dreamier side, containing the noise only when necessary; it allows for the band’s natural catchiness to shine through that blanketed feedback. Austinites can catch the band live tomorrow night over at Mohawk for the celebratory release show; you can grab tickets HERE.

Future Silence Announce Debut EP

The Chicago scene has been dropping some great tunes this week, earlier with Deeper and now this Future Silence track that comes with the announcement of their debut EP. There’s this sugary girl-group melody crafted by the vocals, though with just a hint of indifference to keep it cool. Musically, it offers this brooding version of dream pop…the rhythm section pushes the song forward, and the guitars seem solemnly muted, allowing the internal melody to sit in the vocals unit the chorus washes ashore. Really just in love with this song today, and if you’re feeling the same, look for their EP on September 13th courtesy of Half a Cow Records.

Fern Murphy Share Dreamy Pop

As soon as I pressed play on this new track from Fern Murphy, I was immediately drawn to its similarities to She Sir, a band I love so much I put out their record. You’ll be drifting backing that dream state as soon as you press play; it’s just the way the band have crafted this atmospheric vibe from within the confines of their darkened pop caverns. You can also hear, according to my wife, little bits of Wild Nothing hanging in the vocal delivery, soft and silky, perfectly working between the musical elements. This track is one of the standouts on the band’s newest Gringo Love EP, so feel free to go give it a listen.

Parrot Dream Share B-Side

I was all about enjoying Light Goes, the debut LP from dreamy pop outfit, Parrot Dream. But, as is probably the case with almost every band you love, a few of the songs didn’t make it onto that LP, and they’re just now getting to see the light of day. This particular number, to me, seems like its a performance piece for Christina; her voice controls the entire mood, like an emotional tractor-beam for listeners. That’s not to say that the band don’t do great work behind her; they’re sharp and focused, but sure to stay clear. This B-Side appears with two other leftover tunes from the session that gave us Light Goes…which is available now via Good Eye Records.

Dreamy New Number from Sungaze

Browsing through my emails on a Sunday as an electric storm rolled through Austin, I kept coming back to press play on Sungaze‘s latest single. It’s a tune that seems infinite, as if it’s able to escape the confines of present time; it drifts, casually, spiritually, carrying you on a cloud in and out of consciousness. Dream pop number such as this are rare, but the clear elegance of the band’s songwriting is definitely putting me in this otherworldly mood. Take a minute, or five, from your day, let your mind drift, let those troubles fall to the side and immerse yourself in this journey. I expect Light in All of It to let us all escape the world when it drops on July 19th (with an Austin tour date in one week!).

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