Fresh Tune from Alex G

agOne of the releases I really took a liking too this year was DSU, the latest LP from Alex G.  He’s been sort of an underground sensation, winning over fans across the globe with his really personal touch to his songwriting.  This track probably isn’t as new as I’d like, as it was recorded for DSU, though it didn’t make the final cut for the album.  Still, even in its brevity you can hear why Alex has become such a sensation in many circles.  If this is what you like, then be sure to go and collect all his work, including that great LP from earlier this year.

More New Music from Alex G

dsuThere’s a lot of music coming out right now, but none is more fascinating to me, perhaps, than that of Alex G.  He’s a crafty songwriter that has amassed a large following rather quickly, though there’s still quite a few who aren’t aware of his gifts.  He’s signed on with Orchid Tapes (another hit for the label) to release his album DSU; it’s filled with these carefully drawn musical vignettes, steeped in oddity and pop traditions.  This song is a touch more quiet than others, but it still encompasses that beauty that’s kept me enraptured. Order your copy HERE.

Another Great Track from Alex G

dsuYou don’t know who Alex G is!? That’s okay, because I didn’t either until a few days ago.  I was actually recommended to listening to his tunes via following his new label, Orchid Tapes…home of many great acts.  When I check in on what he had to offer, I was shocked that his new album, DSU, had already sold out of its limited run (don’t worry, a repress is coming shortly).  That’s pretty remarkable for anyone, but it’s not surprising when you listen to this song.  It holds on to great pop structures, offering soft vocals in contrast with vocals that push forward in the mix.  Just add this song to the long list of great music coming from the label.