Catchy Pop Rock from Dylan Ewen

Sometimes we get so caught up in expectations and hype that we often forget what great catharsis can come from just having fun with rock n’ roll…and that’s why I’m encouraging you to listen to Dylan Ewen. Here you’ve got Dylan with this energetic pop rock tune that’s easily the most infectious thing you’re going to hear today, or this week. There’s these little guitarmonies in there, matched by Ewen’s playful lyricisms; you’ll find yourself tapping your toes and bobbing your head, and all will seem right in the world. This tune appears on I’ve Made So Many Mistakes EP, which is being released by Solidarity Club Records on November 1st.

Lo-fi Electro Pop From Dylan Ewen

1498984_631379460241468_1836459215_oSometimes when scouring the endless diversity of Bandcamp new releases, I occasionally find something worth sharing with you, dear reader, and today that something comes in the form of this weirdo electronically dominated track from Boston’s Dylan Ewen. “If I Was A Dog” has a campy feel to it, with synths dominating the melody and super fuzzy electric guitars interspersed through the mix. It’s a catchy little number that explores exactly what the title entails, and its apart of a brand new EP, Cry Vomit Repeat.