Enjoy Another Earth Girl Helen Brown Installment

Former Sandwitch Earth Girl Helen Brown has spent this year dedicating various seasons to causes benefiting the world. She enters today with a track from the latest installment, Saturn. The opening moments really create the vibe from all the installments, as you can hear all parties having a bit of fun while a groove is established; it reeks of true collaboration collected by Heidi Alexander. There’s a smoky vocal that fills the central moment of the track, but the careful jam continues the communal value of the music…all circling back to the goal of distributing funds raised to various charities/causes. Tape versions are currently available from Empty Cellar Records.

Love Me Some Earth Girl Helen Brown

After the Sandwitches calling it a day, Earth Girl Helen Brown has been hard at work with new tunes, helping friends and establishing the E.G.H.B.C.P.F.I.B to promote peace and non-violence. Today I’m bringing you this sparkling bit of pop, dripping with those sunny California guitar lines while the vocals take on a sultry croon. Her latest Mars EP will be released by Empty Cellar Records on July 21st, and pretty much every great musician in the San Fran area is rumored to spend time playing on it. The hype is good, but this song’s even better.

New Earth Girl Helen Brown Music

Now that the Sandwitches have called it a day, it’s time for Earth Girl Helen Brown (Heidi Alexander) to shine. She just announced a seasonal series, Mercury, to celebrate our celestial friends, calling in help from friends such as Ty Segall and Sonny Smith to flesh out the release. Our first listen is a pretty stellar one, with equal parts playful bounce and soulful harmonies. You’ll be tapping your toes while horns and gang vocals back up Alexander’s voice; it’s hard not to fall in love with this tune from the moment it kicks in. Empty Cellar Records will release Mercury on April 14th with proceeds going to various charities aimed at preserving the Earth.