Show Pics: Best of Day Parties @ SxSW 2012

SxSW 2012 will not go away. It refuses to be ignored. It boils rabbits (that is a movie reference before anyone gets mad at SxSW).

I have a mess of pics from the day parties. This is a hot mess. I am still doing forensics on who and where based on when. I have a rough idea of where I was, but add in an occasional adult beverage, the fact that these were taken five days into my SxSW and I have a lousy memory, you can understand if the details evade. Regardless, these are some my favorite shutter clicks from the unofficial that has become official.

From MWTX to The Fader Fort presented by Converse (professional obligation there, you can thank Converse for saving Fader Fort), I got all kinds of bands performing in daylight. Yech, daylight…

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Octopus Project @ East Side Drive In (12/3)

Date 12/3/10
Location East Side Drive In
Doors 6pm
Tickets $15 @ Frontgate

Octopus Project have long been one of the most creative and innovative bands in Austin who have finally gained some much deserved popularity outside of town.  Continuing that ground breaking mindset, the band has a very special performance of their Hexadecagon project planned at the East Side Drive In on Friday night.  Those unfamiliar with the project just need to know that crazy live video is involved, audience members surround the band on a circular stage, and Octopus Project play along to the music.  A live performance such as this is not something you’ll see very often(they’ve only done it twice to be exact).  You can of course read more about the Hexadecagon project and see video from previous shows on the band’s website.  Or if you’re feeling spendy, the album version of Hexadecagon is currently available in physical form from Peek-A-Boo Records or on itunes for you MP3 fans.


Download: The Octopus Project – Fuguefat [MP3]

Guided By Voices @ East Side Drive-In (9/30)

Date 9/30/10
Location East Side Drive In
Doors 6pm
Tickets $25 @ Frontgate

So some band called Guided by Voices is playing at the East Side Drive-In(Fader fort from SXSW) on Thursday evening in Austin.  I hear that they are pretty decent or something so I suggest you check it out if you have the time.  Sweet indie/l0-fi band Times New Viking will also be on hand providing the opening support.  In all seriousness folks, the show seems to have some tickets still available and they are relatively cheap for such a big band.  I’d recommend getting to the venue early if you want a good spot.