Welcome Back Lazyeyes

Man it’s been a bit since we’ve heard anything from the Brooklyn based, ATH favorite band Lazyeyes. As usual, I say things like that to explain my excitement for the band when I’m sent some new music after a small hiatus. So join in my excitement will you and check out this sweet new song “Echoes” from our old friends in Lazyeyes. The song blends a really great shoegaze/dream pop sound with a very nice dose of new wave to keep things interesting. This is one of the better songs I’ve heard this month. No doubt.

Lazyeyes will release Echoes on June 15th via Egghunt Records.

Shoegaze Vibes from Colour of Spring

I’m always going to fall in love with a song that has a sparkling shimmer on the back of a chord as it washes over the front of the mix, and this tune from Colour of Spring is no exception. While the song always seems on the verge of exploding, the band manage to hold that back until the back end of the tune, allowing for an increased bit of tension that draws listeners into the song. I appreciate that they never turn their back from the innate pop qualities that lurk within, and with that attitude, I have high hopes for their self-titled EP on June 23rd via House of Love.

Another New Tune from Pillar Point

pillarpointI’m really glad Scott Reitherman is still writing music, as his work in Throw Me the Statue has sorely been missed.  Of course, now that’s he operating under this new Pillar Point moniker, he hasn’t strayed too far from his original sounds. He’s still combining these melodious hooks with pop-centric focus.  Vocals are gentle, yet lofty, rising and falling throughout this song.  It’s just another sign that his upcoming self-titled debut is going to be quite enjoyable for fans of easy-listening pop; it’s being released by Polyvinyl Records on February 25th.