New Music from Gim Kordon

Gim-Kordon1-750x491I’ll pretty much stand by the quality work of the folks over at Soliti Music, the Finnish label that’s been pretty consistent with releases over the last few years. Up until now, the majority of the works they’ve released have had English lyrics, but not this track from Gim Kordon.  But, that being said, the music alone is pretty special, encouraging me to play it over and over today.  Their debut album Ei Ole Helppoo will be out on the label on May 9th, and if you want to partake in the wordily religion of rock n’ roll, then give this tune a thorough listen.  You can also check out a pretty rad video for the single HERE.

Soliti Music Sign Gim Kordon

V__3F9BI’m always down to support our friends over at Soliti Music, especially because it helps us work on our global view of music.  The Finnish label has just signed their very first act to speak in their native tongue, Gim Kordon.  They’ve got a track floating around today to celebrate the signing, indicating where the band might be going with their debut in 2014.  They’ve dropped names like Dino Jr. and Sonic Youth,  and while I can see those, something here definitely smells of Superchunk too.  Sure, I don’t understand a single word, but sometimes it’s just the music that moves you!


Download: Gim Kordon – Ei Ole Helppoo [MP3]