Show Preview: Eisley @ The Parish (11/24)

Date 11/24/10
Location The Parish
Doors 8pm
Tickets $15 @ Frontgate

My favorite band from Tyler, TX Eisley are stopping in Austin again on Wednesday night.  Now normally this would be a tough day for you kids to go out with it being a school night and all, but most of us should have the next day off!  Joining the lovely ladies (and two guys) on the Parish stage are Ives the Band and a special solo opening set by  the younger sister of the Eisley girls, Christie Dupree.  We here at ATH have a soft spot for this band so expect to see us in the crowd.


Download: Eisley – I Could Be There For You [MP3]

SXSW Watchlist: Eisley

Now that the SXSW music festival is upon us, it’s time to take a last minute look at the bands you should really be paying attention to during the week.   I’m thinking the best way to do that would be to put the spotlight on Tyler, TX. band Eisley.  Now some of you may have forgotten about this band since they’ve been quiet for a couple years now in the music world, but we haven’t!  We’re also excited to hear that new material is on the way soon.  I’m sure that the first new album since 2007s Combinations will no doubt continue to bring those sweet pop jams we’ve grown accustomed too from Eisley.  We also had the chance recently to speak with front lady Sherri Dupree Bermis about her band.  Follow the jump to read the SXSW oriented questions.

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Eisley Cover Stevie Nicks

doors_mirandaBeing from the Eastern side of Texas, I’ve followed Tyler, TX. band Eisley since they first got started many years ago.  While the band has been relativley quiet in recent years, this new video/song covering the Stevie Nicks tune “Silver Springs” popped up on the internet last week.  The song is more of a solo gig by primary Eisley songwriter Stacy Dupree along with Jeremy Larson, Brandon Goodwin, and Darren King (Mute Math) providing the music/recording.  It’s a beautiful little diddy if I do say so myself.  A video version of the tune can be found on the Eisley youtube siteEisley will also be making their way to Austin for our SXSW festival in March.


Download: Stacy Dupree – Silver Springs [MP3]

Eisley @ Emos (11/17)


Date 11/17/09
Location Emos
Doors 7pm
Tickets $16 from Ticketweb

Yes yes I know this is officially listed as a Say Anything show, but didn’t the Emo movement die in like ’02?  Thats out of the way, so let me put it out there that I like Eisley.  Yeah I like ’em.  I’m sure some of you music snob types will throw hate my way for that one, but just look at those faces!  How could you not love those ladies?  So if you dig the Eisley, head to Emo’s on Tuesday night for a set by the Tyler, TX (holla!) group.  Miniature Tigers and Moneen also being on the bill should prove to make the show your best option for Tuesday night.  Just leave before that headlining band…


Austin A2W: Quiet Company

streetgangcloseQuiet Company is an Austin band led by native Taylor Glen Muse who has been in and out of countless bands over the last several years. After stints in an early form of Eisley and The Connotations, Mr. Muse moved on to record an album mostly on his own under the moniker Quiet Company. That first record, Shine Honesty, received a mostly positive response from critics which lead to new members and a brand new band. Fast forward to 2009 which sees Quiet Company dropping their sophomore effort Everyone You Love Will Be Happy Soon and extensive US touring in the works. To quote the band directly, expect songs that “will you make you fall in love with life and then just as quickly challenge everything you know about it”. That sounds like a sweet deal to me. You can catch Quiet Company in town July 31st at Antone’s opening up for What Made Milwaukee Famous.  If you dig their sounds, check out their band camp for a full album stream, download a free 3 song sampler or say hi to them on twitter.


Download: Quiet Company – Seal My Fate [MP3]