Fresh 7″ from Linda Guilala

Today completes the wonderful trilogy of singles from Spain’s Linda Guilala (band/not person); they drop a fresh 7″ on heralded label Test Pattern Records. The A-side here, it’s a stunner. Guitars and texture swirl in the air like snow flurries falling to the ground, leaving plenty of space for the warm vocals to move into the picture, as well as some buzzsaw guitars; it’s probably the most complete dream pop meets shoegaze tune I’ve heard this year. B-Side will definitely display nods to Stereolab, particularly in the movement of the rhythm section whilst being coated in organ stabs, feedback and layered vocal notes. Two brilliant songs to better your Friday. Absolutely brilliant. Grab the 7″ from Test Pattern Records, or stream it all day long!

La Bien Querida Share Que?

I always keep a close eye on Elefant Records; it’s one of the longest running homes to great Spanish indiepop, as well as other brands of the genre. Right now, they’re working on a couple of releases, but I’ve been really enjoying the amped up energy of the latest single from La Bien Querida. It begins with this upbeat indiepop energy, which perhaps might bring to mind New Order (especially if you listen to the drum loops). Still, the hook for me came with Ana Fernandez Villaverde’s voice, even before she’s joined Diego Ibanez. You could put her voice to anything and I’d probably fawn over it. Stoked to see that Brujeria is right around the corner; the new LP will be out on Elefant on September 27th.

Go Listen to Tennis Club

Man, Tennis Club just quietly dropped this amazing indiepop record on us, and I hope you’ll spend a little time on Friday listening to Pink in its entirety. Throughout the album the group get playful with some of the best bits of the genre; they bring in surfy touches, throw in melody on top of “oohs”, they’ll get fuzzy when needed…and even a touch of Spanish in there. I think at the moment I’ve been jamming “London” the most of this batch, but I’ll warn you that there’s not a bad tune in this batch. You can stream below or grab the new LP from Elefant Records.

Le Superhomard Share Domino

It’s only been a few months since Le Superhomard dropped the excellent Meadow Lane Park, and here they are already prepping a new 7″ with this slinky dance number. It offers everything I’ve come to enjoy about the group, offering these dance floor ready beats bordering between club and disco, then sliding those beneath these casual indiepop vocals. Here they get some help from Xavier Boyer of Tahiti 80, and an excellently crafted video that’s part art piece and part lyric video; both additions are a nice touch that certify this tune as a surefire hit. The new 7″ will be out on Elefant Records this July.

Catchy Indiepop from Neleonard

I love getting turned onto the stuff that Elefant Records is always working on, especially when it has all the fingerprints of my favorite acts…only in Spanish. Today we’ve got the lead single from the latest Neleonard album, Un Lugar Imaginado. Here you can definitely hear the funky upbeat vibe of some Belle and Sebastian songs; you can even see the band pulling off the dueling female/male vocals to provide those heavenly melodies. The video embraces the romantic side of things, with two young lovers meeting up in a park with tons of mythological melodies. Only makes this number more adorable, so watch and enjoy yourself. And, while the album has been out for a minute, this digi-single has some special B-Sides.

Fuzzy Pop Number from Linda Guilala

Feel like I haven’t unearthed any Spanish pop music of late, that’s until Sonic Cathedral/Elefant sent this Linda Guilala (band not person) track my way. The band are fresh off the release of 2018’s Psiconautica, so they’ve decided to carry on in 2019 with a slew of really powerful singles. Here we find them delving into their psychedelic tendencies, both in sound and visuals; there’s a heavy ride of fuzz that courses through the vein of this song, but don’t let it fool you, as the pop underbelly is still omnipresent for the duration. The single is out Friday in a limited 7″ format, so get into that!

Dig On Le Superhomard

I think I’ve fallen down a twee wormhole; I can’t stop spinning charming pop tune after tune. French outfit Le Superhomard are definitely where it’s at today, especially now that the band’s latest EP has dropped into the world. I can hear where Stereolab comparisons might come into play, with Julie Big’s huge voice working over these delicate electronic sounds; I do think that also minimizes the band’s songwriting prowess by casting them as copycats. Instead, listen to the subtle guitar strumming beneath the mix, washed over by space-aged keyboard notes and Big’s warmth. The Springtime EP just came out last week via Elefant Records, and it belongs with you wherever you collect your music.

Stream a Great Pop Album by The Last Detail

There’s always tons of album streams at the end of a week, so I’d like to point you in a direction that might take you off the beaten path…but only go this road if you’re a fan of soft pop rock. The Last Detail is comprised of Mehdi Zannad and Erin Moran (A Girl Called Eddy), and together they’ve decided to give you a collection of swooning pop songs. Several tracks offer that airy introspection, while others have this understated elegance, like “Lazy.” If you’re looking for a hit, give a listen to “Fun Fair,” though I’ll admit I’m partial to “Talk to Me.” If you dig it, the self-titled LP is available today from Elefant.

Attic Lights Announce Love in the Time of Shark Attacks

I won’t shy away from a band that makes a humorous Gabriel Garcia Marquez allusion, especially if they’re crafting delightful pop like Attic Lights. The Glaswegian quartet come at you with these hearty harmonies, particularly glorious during the chorus of this tune. I’m also drawn to the way the band expand on the jangling style, adding just a hint of twang and a tinkering piano line; it allows for a more organic sound that really shines on all the melodic moments coming through the speakers. Love in the Time of Shark Attacks will be out in January via Elefant Records, but for now, you can grab the digital single with an exclusive B Side.

Alpaca Sports Share Video

Earlier this year our favorites Alpaca Sports released the indiepop mega-hit album, From Paris with Love via Elefant Records. Today they’re super excited to share with you the video version of album opener, “I’ll Do Anything You Want.” The video has the duo set on film, with that film set atop other images in the background; it’s charming, as is the original track. Admittedly, I’m a sucker for Andreas guitar jangling, not to mention the way the two blend their harmonies into one another. Plus, if you go grab the digital single, it comes with a B side not included on the album version!

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