Have You Checked Out Karen Meat

We know you get bombarded with hot new bands every day, but sometimes you overlook really great acts that swim under the radar, such as Karen Meat. The Iowa-based group has everything to make them your favorite act, if you’d only give it a little time. This single has this groovy funk to it, something you’d definitely find on an 80s dance floor, however, the group spins it in a far more playful manner, particularly with the biting lyrical content. You’re an Ugly Person is the album that everyone needs in their life; it’s an amalgam of influences, from electropop to doo-wop to surf pop…with just a hint of kitsch; you can grab the LP right HEREfrom Emotional Response.




Have You Listened to Typical Girls 3 & 4?

Few labels are out there putting their money where mouth is, talking of cultural change in the music industry. But then there’s Emotional Response, single-handedly guaranteeing that women in punk get all their deserved credit; they’re back again with their (by now famous) Typical Girls Volume 3 & 4…two LPs worth of female rock n’ roll in compilation form. Below we’ve got a tune from Japan’s C-3s off of Volume 4. There’s structural changes throughout the tune, some moments of early post-punk and other instances of swagger and aggressiveness. A few repeated listens and glorified hooks will emerge from the noisy commotion, and you’ll swoon over this release. The LPs are available now from the label!


Tangible Excitement! Share New Video

erSo it’s a dreaded Monday, and you’re having a hard time shaking off the fact that it’s no longer the weekend. Well, luckyfor you I’ve got a perfect pop-bliss video for you below with Tangible Excitement!You can watch the nonstop action video for “Foxy Troubles,” and come alive through the footage of people going places. Not to mention that the song is jangly and bright, the lyrics spinning fast along with the guitar riffs that just don’t quit. Wake up with Tangible Excitement! and get your week going already!

The Debutantes Will Melt Your Face Off

277793_10150259046849577_7148748_oThe Debutantes are a group from Galway, Ireland who have been around since 2009, but are just about to burst off into the spotlight. I happened upon the track below, “Adams Apples,” and it’s teeming with raw energy that will send your Monday from boring to rock and roll. The song has a super lo-fi feel to it, bringing tons of distorted guitar, but also some dynamic male/female vocals that give it that old-timey feel to it. Listen to the track below and then head on over and pick up their 7″ from Emotional Response Records.

Jittery Pop from Boyracer

photo02There’s a bit of a staggering stutter that comes to the guitar work in the opening moments of this new single from Boyracer.  It should come as no surprise as the band’s been releasing catchy pop tunes for their 20+ career…landing on labels like Slumberland and Sarah Records.  Sadly, the word on the street is that this might be their final EP, which will come out on Emotional Response, the label run by the band’s Stewart Anderson.  The label is about to release a slew of new singles from the likes of Hulaboy and Safe Distance, but I figured this one is a must for your radar.


Download: Boyracer – The Kind of Man You Really Are [MP3]

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