Friday Folk from Joseph Childress

Yet another illustration of Joseph Childress‘ magic awaits you below. He’s graced our site many a time, but I think his powers are fully realized here. A great deal of the track operates around voice and guitar picking; he sounds fragile and open, much like Tallest Man on Earth. Suddenly, his voice soars at the 1 minute mark, rising above the mix, only to settle down and carry on with the song. Perhaps it’s a tried and true trick, but it allows the listener to seek out that soar once again (only listening below will let you discover). His self-titled album will be out on October 6th via Empty Cellar Records.

Yet Another Great Track from Joseph Childress

Clearly I’ve been fawning over Joseph Childress as the date draws near for the release of his self-titled LP on Empty Cellar Records. Today I have another reason to celebrate as Childress has shared one of the album’s standout tracks. It begins where we’ve seen him before, carrying that soft quiver in his voice as he stretches for angelic notes. But, this song builds and builds, bursting in this joyous eruption that illustrates just how far he can stretch that magical voice. A lot of folks try, but very few are able to achieve what Joseph does with this new track.

Fresh Music from Joseph Childress

Joseph Childress will be releasing his brand new album in October, and perhaps no other song exemplifies my infatuation with him quite like his latest. Gentle strumming and the powerful voice of Childress are the most prominent elements through the first two elements. But, you can hear bending guitar lines and an almost tribal beat stomping towards the song’s end. There;s something magical about a musician capable of entertaining merely on the power of voice alone, which is why I am really looking forward to his self-titled release come the Fall; it will be released by Empty Cellar Records.

Classic Guitar Pop from The Lovebirds

We’ve already raved about the previous singles from the Lovebirds, and we’re not going to back down with this new hit. They seem to have this knack for making casual guitar pop akin to the softer side of the Replacements…allowing them to sound gritty whilst still bringing in a hook or two. It feels, just listening, like they’ve got swagger too, and the fact that you can hear that through their recordings should be exciting. The band will be releasing their Filled With Hate EP on Empty Cellar Records on August 11th.

Love Me Some Earth Girl Helen Brown

After the Sandwitches calling it a day, Earth Girl Helen Brown has been hard at work with new tunes, helping friends and establishing the E.G.H.B.C.P.F.I.B to promote peace and non-violence. Today I’m bringing you this sparkling bit of pop, dripping with those sunny California guitar lines while the vocals take on a sultry croon. Her latest Mars EP will be released by Empty Cellar Records on July 21st, and pretty much every great musician in the San Fran area is rumored to spend time playing on it. The hype is good, but this song’s even better.

New Music from Joseph Childress

Joseph Childress has been on my radar for sometime now, and he’s just announced a brand new self-titled album…with an accompanying new single! There’s something in his voice that I can’t pull away from, both familiar and heavenly at once. His control over the notes moves perfectly, even as he holds onto syllables to match the song’s tempo. Oh, and if you need lush arrangements with your folk, wait until your ears lean in to hear what’s going on behind Childress’ voice. Look for the new release on October 6th via Empty Cellar Records.

New Earth Girl Helen Brown Music

Now that the Sandwitches have called it a day, it’s time for Earth Girl Helen Brown (Heidi Alexander) to shine. She just announced a seasonal series, Mercury, to celebrate our celestial friends, calling in help from friends such as Ty Segall and Sonny Smith to flesh out the release. Our first listen is a pretty stellar one, with equal parts playful bounce and soulful harmonies. You’ll be tapping your toes while horns and gang vocals back up Alexander’s voice; it’s hard not to fall in love with this tune from the moment it kicks in. Empty Cellar Records will release Mercury on April 14th with proceeds going to various charities aimed at preserving the Earth.

Listen to More Magic Trick

magictrickWhat’s that? You need to eat more Wheaties? No, you need to listen to more Magic Trick. And, what better way to kick off your week then getting two new songs from Tim Cohen’s other project (he’s also in some band called Fresh and Onlys). I’ve written a bunch about his work in the past, and so I don’t really need to tell you much more than that I love listening to him, especially as he’s grown as a songwriter. Below you’ll find two new songs from his forthcoming Other Man’s Blues, which comes out via Empty Cellar Records on August 26th.

Here’s Another Cool Ghouls Tune

coolzWe’re just a few weeks away from the release of Animal Races, the latest LP from Cool Ghouls, and they’re finally sharing what I think is one of the record’s standout tunes. The upbeat vibe was apparent back on their self-titled release in 2013, but I think they’ve fleshed it out and improved the production a bit. Don’t get lost on the opening half’s lyrical vibe, as the majority of the track is just this great psychedelic jam, circling back in the latter half to close the song out with another vocal flourish. Weirdly, I also hear a nod to Television in there. Empty Cellar will release the album on August 19th, so be ready to grab a copy.

Yesterday’s News: New Magic Trick

magictrickI feel like the Fresh and Onlys are one of the most vital bands around today, hyperbolically speaking. First, the band’s great, consistent and still grows with each release. Second, the members such as Wymond Miles are great songwriters on their own…and now we have new Magic Trick, the long-time project of Tim Cohen. His latest LP is informed by his move to the Arizona desert and travels on the road, but it still wears the influences you’ve heard on his previous releases. The female backing vocals add this really haunting touch to the track, placing you in the world Cohen has envisioned. His new record, Other Man’s Blues, will be released by Empty Cellar Records on August 26th.

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