New Music from Dylan Shearer

12 Jacket (3mm Spine) [GDOB-30H3-007}I thought Dylan Shearer was a great secret, and after spending a lot of time with his last effort, Porchpuddles, I was happy to keep it that way.  But, like all great things, you can’t keep them to yourself for long, which is great for Dylan.  He’s signed on with Empty Cellar and Castleface to do a joint release for his new album, Garagearray (what’s with the lack of spaces?). Dylan’s one of those artists that I think doesn’t need a lot of discussion about the tracks details and what not.  Once you listen for a few times, you’re hooked. It’ll see a release on April 15th; be prepared to have yourself a new favorite artist.

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New Tunes from The Cairo Gang

When I first played this track, I thought the brief opening guitar line sounded in the vein of the majority of folk-influenced tunes that come my way, but then the vocals came in to play.  It’s clear after one listen that main man, Emmett Kelly, has an otherworldly voice.  At times, it’s quite gentle, yet it has an operatic pitch that differentiates it from other similar acts.  And this is what you can expect when you listen to the Cairo Gang, who will be releasing their new record The Corner Man on Empty Cellar Records on October 23rd.  I can rest easy knowing you’ll all be as obsessed as I am with this track by end of day tomorrow.


Download: The Cairo Gang – Now You Are One Of Us [MP3]