Last Week’s Jams, Today (10.25 – 10.29)

Hopefully you’re all waking up a little groggy from celebrating Halloween with your neighbors and friends…or your kid. So we’re here to ease you into the week by offering up a quick little playlist to recap what came our way last week, in case you missed it. Be sure to give a listen to new music from Rachel Love (Dolly Mixture) and Lewsberg, both who released great albums last week. We start off with the recent banger from Clear History, so make sure your speakers are adjusted appropriately. Happy Monday!

Endearments Share Empress Single

Some reason, I’ve just been wanting to spin and dance and smile; I guess I’m just fed up with feeling fed up. For me, I always turn to music, and this Endearments tune is a bit of an early morning bop to slid you into your midweek grind. There’s that sort of casual smoothness to it, sort of slinking its way into your life; it has a touch of that sort of crystalline synth pop mood. When it hits the chorus, it’s a quick little burst of euphoria, emphasized by some backing vocal tracks to push it forward. And each time, it crawls back to the calming waters of late night electronic pop, perfect for the late night playlist you made for your friends. This track appears on Father of Wands, out November 5th.