El Lago Return with Endless

I’ve been a huge supporter of El Lago since their first LP came out via Miss Champagne, and now, thanks to our friend Sjimon over at Week in Pop, we have another new tune from the group to enjoy…plus the announcement of a new LP. There’s something about this tune that crafts this brooding sensation; it seems to almost have an air of traditional goth flare…though with Lauren Eddy’s voice there’s always going to be this sort of angelic dreaminess working its way into the tune. They seem to play with that balance between dark and light here, especially around the 1:45 mark where the song turns into this pounding sonic exploration before settling back into Eddy’s vocal performance to wrap the tune in a perfect bow for you. Their new LP, Pyramid, will be out on Wallflower Records on October 25th.

Digging on Soviet Soviet

sovietsovietThere was a time in the early 2000s when I soaked up all these post-punk acts, especially the ones that played along the lines of the genres dark side while still looking to give me a hook; I remember Stellastarr* being one of the bands that highlighted that sound. So, hearing Soviet Soviet, I’m totally taken back, and completely falling for the group. Sure, there’s some careful moments where they’re playing with ambient noise bits, but almost the entirety of this single is this swelling hook filled bit of angular pop…that middle ground where shoegaze let us all in on underlying accessibility. The Italian act just announced Endless, and sounds like a good time to me; look for it via Felte on December 2nd.

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