New Luna Share Prunus

We’re closing down yet another week of mostly stay at home times and the fantastic music continues to pour in from musicians with a ton of time on their hands. Today I am pleased to offer you an impressive new song called “Prunus” from Manchester based group New Luna. What I tend to look for in new music is stuff like this with, what I consider to be, a fresh and unique take on genres which can otherwise get cluttered. These guys will at times remind you of a late 90s indie rock band, but then add in elements of fellow UK bands like The Twilight Sad to create something they can really call their own.


Real Banger From Leeches

Only a couple of months ago I shared with you all a catchy as hell song called “Fuerta Ventura” from my new pals in Dorset based band LEECHES. Well now the boys are back with this banging new number called “Man Up”. It features a nice blend of a shoe gaze inspired sound which meanders in and out of some seriously heavy, seriously loud, sludge rock. I think you will find it quite enjoyable.

LEECHES are releasing a singles collection EP called Easy on July 3rd via Leisure Records.

Cavernous Pop from Plainbow

One of the labels I’ve been keeping an eye on over the last few years is French outfit Hidden Bay Records; they’ve just put up a track from the forthcoming Plainbow EP, and it’s pretty special. While I can easily see cascading guitars and atmospherics filling in the space here, I love how they leave this vast expanse of negative space for the tune’s opening moments. In fact, it never fully reaches that sonic climax, almost always toying with the tension for an entire 3 minutes; the song almost just feels empty and hollow, save for the emotional pull of the vocal work. Of course, we get this beautifully noisy outro closing, and we’re grateful, but it only succeeds due to the craft of the song itself. The Super Super Super EP is scheduled for release on Friday!

Hey New Temples Song!

Not sure how we missed the news of another highly anticipated album from our UK mates Temples, but it’s never too late to share their fantastic music. The band’s latest single “You’re Either On Something” can be found streaming below for your enjoyment. As usual, the band continues to keep things focused on true rock music with heavy, fuzzed out guitars and a super tight rhythm section.

Temples will be releasing new album Hot Motion on September 27th via ATO Records.

Love This New PLAZA Single

Sometimes when you think bands no longer know how to rock, you come across a song like this new one from PLAZA, and you’re faith in rock is restored. Though “In the Know” does start as a fairly straightforward, chill indie song, it erupts into a more guitar driven rock song about 1 minute in. It reminds of a band like Super Furry Animals who also can lure you in with a mellow jam with the listener never really knowing when the next rising action may come. Prepare yourself for greatness.

PLAZA recently signed to Clue Records and are currently working on more new material.

The Go! Team Still Got It

It’s been an incredibly long time since I last heard anything from The Go! Team camp. I definitely bought the reissue of Thunder, Lightning, Strike on vinyl from a couple years ago, but the group have flown mostly under the radar for the last several years. Today I’m pleased to share with you this new single and video for track “Semicircle Song” which can best be described as sounding a hell of a lot like The Go! Team. I forgot how much I used to really love this band… I think the relationship is being mending with this fun new track.

The Go! Team will release Semi-Circle on January 19th. You can pre-order in just about all formats here.

Gorgeous Bully Give Us Another Jam

Manchester based Gorgeous Bully has seen a ton of coverage on ATH over the years, and for obvious reasons. Somehow the group has continually pumped out hit after hit, and full albums worth of material time after time. Today the band sent over their new single entitled “Time” which can be streamed below. The song is a typical GB jam, bright, full and masterful when it comes to instrumentation. They’ve done it again.

A B-side to this single is available to stream on bandcamp.

[bandcamp width=100% height=42 album=1900338317 size=small bgcol=ffffff linkcol=63b2cc]

Pleased to Meet You: E’Spaniel

10678614_1518317681738982_4339718075869743352_nFelt like a lot of the tunes were running in the same musical style this week, so I reached out into the depths of the Internet to find E’Spaniel. The guitar hook on this single immediately caught me, reminding me a great deal of our ATH act, Young Girls. It’s jangling and grooving, yet there’s a nice rounded softness on the vocals that brings in a different element to the group’s work. This is the band’s latest work, but now that I’m in love with their sound, I’ll be keeping an eye on them to bring you news going forward.

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”color=ff9900&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

Subtle Beauty From Duologue

duologue_2011After a busy week for most of us, I’ve always found it nice to mellow out just a bit on a Friday afternoon to decompress from the week now behind us.  Those of you in a similar mindset will find this quiet beauty from London based group Duologue fits your mood perfectly.  The track could easily be compared to fellow subtle band Lost in the Trees or even Sigur Ros in a dialect we understand.  Whatever you want to call it, I’m finding the song gets better and better with each listen.  Press play and distress.

New album, Never Get Lost, will be out on September 9th.


Download: Duologue – Forests [MP3]

New Power Pop from The Spills

There’s not a lot that I know about The Spills at this moment, but I do know a good track when I hear one.  The British group has just released their album Occam’s Razor, and I’ve been giving it a good going over this evening.  There’s bits and pieces of power-pop, but you can tell there’s more intricate guitar play going on beneath, sort of like my heralded heroes in the Wedding Present.  Okay, so it’s not quite on that level, at least not yet, but the bass sounds similar and there’s definitely a personal touch to the lyrics. Give it a go. It won’t hurt.


Download: The Spills – Summer Vibes [MP3]