Rad Re-Issue from Nar

narHonestly, I didn’t really know anything about Nar until the other day while I was kicking it with the Jigsaw Records catalog.  Scrolling through their recent releases the name of Scott Miller caught my eye.  He’s most recently been associated with the most excellent English Singles, but I’m absolutely in love with his early 90s work with this group.  There’s hints of punk rock, but there’s also a bunch of devil-may-care attitude thrown in, making it a heap of fun…not to mention some of the softer indiepop hits at the end.  I put up a few songs for you to sample from the band’s History compilation.  Check them out, and pick them up.


Download: Nar – Bad Thoughts [MP3]


Download: Nar – Boring Facts [MP3]

Bouncing Pop from English Singles

slr191I picked up this English Singles 7″ from the record store last night, so I had to share it with you all, that way you could do the same.  It’s precisely what I expected from the group, filled with catchy hooks and sing-a-long lyrics.  Just listen to that pounding drum beat; try to listen and not find yourself bobbing up and down. There’s three jams from the Sacramento act on the Ordinary Girls 7″, which I’m telling you is a must for your collection.  You can pick it up from Slumberland Records immediately!


Download: English Singles – Ordinary Girls [MP3]

Exciting Pop Punk from English Singles

There are tons of reasons to adore the hard-work of Slumberland Records, but as the band continues to expand their catalogue I’m amazed at the talent they’re bringing on to their team.  English Singles is a Sacramento band, and while you can see similarities to a lot of their labelmates, they’ve got a little more of an off-kilter punk rock sound.  My ears finds this sort of raucous gang vocal approach ultra-endearing, and the more I listen the more that seems to move beyond my nostalgic leanings towards punk rock and more towards simple adoration.  This four song 7″ is out now!


Download:English Singles – Finer Points [MP3]