Neocons Prep EP, Share Two Tracks

If you were to recreate a modern version of The Warriors today, only with futuristic gutterpunks, then the soundtrack is going to have to be done by Neocons. The LA outfit are bridging territory between stark synthetic pop and post-hardcore. On “Shoot/Kill” you’ll find these ripping riffs working over shuffling beats, while the vocals feel like they’re stalking prey of some sort, growling akin to what you’d find on any number of LPs out right now. There’s a little soft melody working in “New Boots,” so I’m interested in hearing how that plays out, as it still feels dangerous, particularly in the lyrical setting. Neocons will release their EP on July 1st via Industrial Cowboy, a sister-label of Paisley Shirt Records.

Playful New Tune From Mewn

Though it may be understandable if you haven’t heard of Manchester risers Mewn prior to today, I think they’ll be on your radar after you check out this new single “Two Days”. It has this sort of melodic emotional vibe similar to The National but with this tiny hint of pop playfulness to make it even more engaging and memorable. It progresses quite nicely.

Mewn will be releasing this tune on a new EP due out sometime later this summer. In the meantime, enjoy “Two Day” below.

Things I Missed: Jetstream Pony’s Misplaced Words

I’m sure you’re all tired of hearing it, and honestly, I’m not complaining about the job, but teaching this year (my real job!), has been absolute whirlwind, holding on for dear life all the way. So, I’ve missed some things I new I’d love, and am just not getting to dive deep into them, like this Jetstream Pony mini-album, Misplaced Words. I saw it, I knew it would rule, but now I want to make sure you’ve got space in your world to spend some time here. The band has been winning me over since their first 7″ popped up, but the opening track here is just “stop you in your tracks” good; the band doesn’t live up, following it up with what I’ve found is my favorite tune, “Courses for Obstacles.” Every track hits here, don’t be a dummy and waste your time not indulging in this joy, stream it below, NOW!


Blood Release WWT55WMNEBA EP

Austin’s a fairly insulated city when it comes to the music scene. Sure, you’ve got your Spoon and The Black Pumas…and they deserve their due, but there are acts that might not ever make it out of the city, at least as far as the “media” is concerned. One act that we’ve all had our eyes on, hoping for larger exposure, is Blood, who just released their Why Wait Till ’55 We Might Not Even Be Alive EP; it’s a four song collection of undefinable shapeshifting rock n’ roll that sprawls over 20 minutes. In the confines of these four tunes you’ll find little droplets of hardcore and post rock, from Shellac to Cursive, yet done with enough pop panache that it’ll draw in fans of Shame, Black Midi and Fontaines DC. What a way to introduce yourselves to the world.

Shasta Share Roaming Hearts Video

San Francisco’s Shasta has some heavy-hitters working on crafting the tunes that appear on their debut EP; you’ve got members who’ve played in Bleached, the Shins, Beck and Gothic Tropic…if we’re namedropping. On the band’s latest single, it’s just on the knife’s edge of a dance hit; the sharp edges are there, and there’s a seductive nature to the tune that beckons you to the dance floor. Perhaps a touch too slow for traditional dance grooves, but in that subtlety you’re likely to dive deeper into the song’s natural intoxication, guaranteeing you’ll have it on blast at your next late night shindig. Look for the debut EP on March 13th via Dowd Records.

Stream New EP From Martian Subculture

I took a liking to Limerick City based Evan O’Malley and his project known as Martian Subculture a few months ago with the release of his single “All Emotions Are Equal”. Since that time, O’Malley has dropped a few other singles in preparation for an entire EP of new material. Today we are pleased to share with you his new EP, Mars, for your streaming pleasure. I find it incredibly impressive that this is largely a one man recording with the many layers and instruments found on each track. At times you’ll find a bit of shoegaze, but also some chillwave, and some splashes of R&B here and there. Basically, the Mars EP has a little bit of something for everyone.

Fresh Indiepop from Bubblegum Lemonade

Dear Laz,
I just wanted you to know how happy I am that you and Bubblegum Lemonade are back with new music; I feel like it’s been a few years since we last spent time together. There’s something so timeless about the way you construct your songs that inevitably leaves them stuck in my brain. On first listen, people might overlook the way you add in these textured vocal harmonies for emphasis in “Our Mother’s House;” it’s so light that one might barely notice if they’re staring out the window nostalgically…as many of your fans are likely to do. I’m so excited that Desperately Seeking Sunshine is right around the corner (via Matinee Recordings), but I’m even more thankful that you tossed in some exclusive B-sides on this EP. Anyways, just wanted to reach out and tell you I love your work.

Pleased to Meet You: Olivia’s World

You’re working through your day, enjoying various tunes, and suddenly Rose Melberg’s name pops up under new releases. You scour the Internet, you rush to find the track…lo and behold, there’s Olivia’s World, a new band featuring Rose on drums, with friends Lica and Joe joining in. The trio craft that insatiable sort of pop, high on fuzzy, hook-laden guitars, and heavy on the sugary vocals that make any listener swoon. The video is playful, attached to the feeling of the song, with Lica seemingly having the most fun with her shark impression. Lost Sound Tapes promise to have a cassette EP out this Spring…but it’ll sell out quick if the songs are all as good as this.

The Primitive Circuits Story: An Obituary of an Austin Synth Band

Austin has given birth to my love of music, and since that’s our home base, I wanted to repay that, so I asked a few folks to share their Austin stories with me. Today, I’m sharing a story from our city about Primitive Circuits, written by Andy R. Lemon (also of Teenage Cavegirl). After you hit the jump you’ll find the rest of his story, as well as a few unreleased tunes from the now defunct band!

An Obituary of an Austin Synth Band

Ever find yourself at a combination bowling alley/roller rink/arcade looking up from your pedal board through a Teen Wolf mask over to your best friend who’s dressed like a vampire and playing more synths than Beethoven in Bill & Ted to find yourself surrounded by huge neon robots poppin’ and lockin’ to your version of Sugar, Sugar by The Archies set to the drum sample from Tone Loc’s cover of Wild Thing by The Troggs, and wonder, how did I get here? Read more

Rock With The Silhouette Era

It’s Thursday and I’m ready for the weekend so it’s time to rock out! Thanks to this hit “Waste Me” from Bay Area band The Silhouette Era I can do just that. This one is most definitely for fans of fellow garage rock bands like Wavves or even Surfer Blood (hey a shark!). The guitar riff alone is sure to pull in even the “I prefer soft music” types.

The Silhouette Era will release a new self-titled EP on June 22nd. Pre-orders are up now.

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