Es Share Hidden Track

One of the records I’m most looking forward to this year is the brooding post-punk of Es, who’ve just shared their latest single from their debut. You can’t escape the ominous feel of this track; it feels as if we’re being surrounded, smothered…only to make one last ditch effort for survival with this song. I thought adding nice little synth line before the 3 minute mark added in some pop sensibility that may have gone unnoticed otherwise, allowing listeners just the briefest respite from the dark. The band release their debut album Less of Everything on April 3rd via Upset the Rhythm.

ES Announce Debut LP, Less of Everything

Until this morning, I knew very little about ES, but as of now, I’m completely converted. When I first played this single from their forthcoming Less of Everything LP, I was transported back to some of the stuff off the second Wax Idols LP. It had this swirling madness that was intoxicating; there is a primal pulse, and I couldn’t pull myself away from the song. In a way, there’s this tension that’s suffocating, simultaneously pulling you in with some inexplicable gravitational pull; it feels dangerous, but leaves you begging for more. Less of Everything will be released by the esteemed folks at Upset the Rhythm on April 3rd.