More New Music From Jason Collett

A few weeks ago, I was beside myself when I heard about a new album from long time singer songwriter Jason Collett.  At the time, we only had a taste of the album with new song “I Wanna Rob A Bank”, but now Mr. Collett has offered up yet another new tune for his fan’s pleasure.  This new slow burner, “Where Things Go Wrong”, is an interesting piece of songwriting that features a downtrodden tempo with simple lyrics that accurately convey the break up message.  You can pick up new album Essential Cuts on September 25th via Arts & Crafts.


Download: Jason Collett – Where Things Go Wrong [MP3]

New Music From Jason Collett

It’s been quite awhile since we’ve heard anything from Jason Collett after the quiet release of his 2010 album Rat a Tat Tat.  Jason is delighting his fans this year with the release of two new albums later this fall.  The first is a brand new LP entitled Reckon while the second is a greatest hits of sorts LP entitled Essential Cuts.  Both of these new albums will be available on September 25th via Arts & Crafts Records.

A preview of the new material can be found below and is entitled “I Wanna Rob a Bank”.


Download: Jason Collett – I Wanna Rob A Bank [MP3]