Nathan’s Top Austin Albums of 2018

In the year’s end, those who “write” about music claim our superior tastes by spouting off about our favorite releases. I figured I should start off all the shenanigans with a list from our home base, Austin, Texas. Below you’ll find a list of my favorite releases from the confines of our fair city.

Let it be known that we released albums by Marmalakes, Feverbones and David Israel (and an EP by Blushing), but those will not make this list for the sake of favoritism…though they’d all obvious take the top spot…duh. Read more

One Final Exhalants Tune Before the LP Drops

Welp. We’re just a week away from the release of the brand new Exhalants LP, and why not bring you one final listen before it hits the streets. This time around the band toy with you, and their sound. Guitar lines quietly trickle before a rush of crashing noise lands atop you, and then it recedes. It sets listeners up for a a guttural growl that bursts through the wall of smashing sonics, then again, recedes; it’s a beautiful representation of the power the Austin act brings to both their live shows and their recordings. Look for their self-titled LP to drop on August 24th via Self Sabotage Records.

Another Noisy Rocker from Exhalants

While my drive for heavier sound has dissipated, there’s something in the craft of Austin’s Exhalants that just begs me to listen…and I’ll oblige. On this single, the band have this crashing hardcore train wreck, something that has me practicing my windmill moves all over my living room as we speak. Vocals are distant, almost echoes from some far off land trying to cut through the noise. Then it’s all turned to an almost catchy driving riff, building the tension all over to unleash a ferocious howl of an ending. Their self-titled debut will be ready to break through your eardrums on August 24th, courtesy of Self Sabotage Records.

Loving This New Exhalants Tune

While a great deal of what I’ve run lately has been on the poppier side of things, I’ve been mentally preparing for some good old rock n’ roll with Jawbreaker this Friday. So, it’s with great pleasure that I share this rad new rocker from Austin’s Exhalants…definitely got me in the mood. I love how there’s a slight melodic tone to the guitars at the start, while the artillery bursts of vocals from the distance adds a nice juxtaposition. There’s a natural heaviness in it too, especially with that ominous bass tone. Sounds old school, and yet ever present… a sign of something powerful coming our way soon; the band will release their self-titled debut via Self Sabotage on August 24h.