Turn Up This Bethlehem Steel Track

It’s the middle of the week, and you’re likely to need an energetic pick-me-up…and there might not be a better one than this new Bethlehem Steel tune. It toys with you at the opening, just casually riffing, building the tension. Within moments, the volume goes to 11, blasting through your speakers. They fill the track with heavy riffs, though never stray too far away from pop sensibility. Should make for a solid new album, Party Naked Forever…it’ll drop November 10th via Exploding in Sound.

Enjoy Some Guitar Rock From Washer

If you’re looking for some straight up guitar driven rock, you need look no further than this track called “Dog Go Bark” from Brooklyn based Washer. This one is a perfect example of less is more with a simple, heavy distorted guitar and some drums. Think Wavves, but even a bit more broken down. I’m thinking this one will be perfect to take you into the last weekend of summer.

Washer will release All Aboard via Exploding in Sound on September 15th.

This Tall Friend Single Is a Winner

There are some bands that don’t have to do too much to win you over, and I’ll admit that I don’t think Tall Friend are really crafting anything brand new. That being said, the execution of their style makes this new tune simply irresistible. At first, the bubbly bass grabs you, then drums and guitar slowly trickle into the show. Something about the vocal work of Charlie Pfaff has my head spinning; how can no one love this song as much as I love it right now! And, just wait, as the guitars build and build against each other, ending in an abrasive closing moment. I can’t wait for Safely Nobody’s to hit onAugust 11th.

More From J&L Defer

jldeferStop. You’re going to need a few minutes here. 8 to be exact. But, that’s precisely why you’re going to listen to this new J&L Defer once, then come right back to it. A synth pulse drives the songs first 1.25 minutes, before the voice of Gabriele de Mario begins to echo in the distance, coming into the front of the mix as chords dance in and out of the foreground. There are some careful little notes added in such as what I believe are some barely audible female vocal bits. There’s such focus on the extension of this track, that it encourages the listener to focus in their own way. Look for this song on No Map, which comes out September 2nd via Exploding in Sound.

Love the Nostalgic Sound of Fond Han

fondhanI’ve found myself gravitating towards Fond Han‘s new track this morning; it seems like it’s perfectly suited for folks that really hit their musical stride in the late 90/early 00s. I kind of hear bits of Joan of Arc or Pinback, featuring guitars maneuvering left and right throughout the song whilst vocals sort of have this jagged shout to them. Still, there’s this little hint of pop sensibility in the brief bits of harmony that unfold. The band will release their debut LP, Sham Cloud, on September 23rd via Exploding in Sound…and I hope you find a place in your ears for this.

Enjoying This Fond Han Track

hanYou’d be forgiven if you thought that this new Fond Han track was merely something to pass over, just another folk-influenced bit. Yet, hold on for a bit, as this is a number that gradually unfolds, and in doing so, ultimately rewards your ears. You can hear the groundswell of added textures as the tune moves on, culminating at the 1.5 minute mark with a crash of all the sounds in unison. There’s definitely a nostalgic feel to it, thinking about some of the early Jade Tree stuff in my mind; look for the band’s debut effort, Sham Cloud, on September 23rd via Exploding in Sound.

Out There Pop from J&L Defer

jldeferThis tune from J&L Defer popped up yesterday, and I don’t feel like it received its just desserts. For a minute, I completely thought it was going to be this constructionist pop like Octopus Project or Black Moth Super Rainbow, but there’s still a simple structure when you peel back the varying layers. Some of the odd drum samples or fading bleeps might disguise it, but I see you in there you great pop song! Perhaps a bit more vocals would draw in a bit more of an accessible audience, but the fact that it ignores traditional sensibility makes it all the more intriguing…and perfect. Look for the band’s debut, No Map, via Exploding in Sound on September 2nd.

Love Listening to Leapling

leaplingAlliteration aside, I’ve completely committed myself to listening to Leapling. It reminds me of the great music that was being made by Voxtrot before you all turned your back on them, even though you know you loved that LP. It’s the best sort of pop music; it’s got lyrics you’ll remember and sing, great melodies and a bouncing spirit. Just listening to this track once isn’t the way to go, you’ll have to give it 4-5 spins, only because that’s what’s good for your soul. Look for Suspended Animation on June 10th via Exploding in Sound.

Stove Does a Great Pollard Impression

stoveI know it probably seems like an immediate diss, but I mean it as a compliment…who doesn’t want to have the songwriting kicks of Robert Pollard? It seems like that’s the direction that Stove, the new project from Steve Hartlett from Ovlov, is going with his new music. I’ll say that some of the guitar work has a heavier hand, but the overall power-pop appeal is definitely Pollard-esque. It’ll be interesting to see how much differentiation comes on the debut for the band, Is Stupider; it sees a release on November 11th via Exploding in Sound.

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