Out There Pop from J&L Defer

jldeferThis tune from J&L Defer popped up yesterday, and I don’t feel like it received its just desserts. For a minute, I completely thought it was going to be this constructionist pop like Octopus Project or Black Moth Super Rainbow, but there’s still a simple structure when you peel back the varying layers. Some of the odd drum samples or fading bleeps might disguise it, but I see you in there you great pop song! Perhaps a bit more vocals would draw in a bit more of an accessible audience, but the fact that it ignores traditional sensibility makes it all the more intriguing…and perfect. Look for the band’s debut, No Map, via Exploding in Sound on September 2nd.

Love Listening to Leapling

leaplingAlliteration aside, I’ve completely committed myself to listening to Leapling. It reminds me of the great music that was being made by Voxtrot before you all turned your back on them, even though you know you loved that LP. It’s the best sort of pop music; it’s got lyrics you’ll remember and sing, great melodies and a bouncing spirit. Just listening to this track once isn’t the way to go, you’ll have to give it 4-5 spins, only because that’s what’s good for your soul. Look for Suspended Animation on June 10th via Exploding in Sound.

Stove Does a Great Pollard Impression

stoveI know it probably seems like an immediate diss, but I mean it as a compliment…who doesn’t want to have the songwriting kicks of Robert Pollard? It seems like that’s the direction that Stove, the new project from Steve Hartlett from Ovlov, is going with his new music. I’ll say that some of the guitar work has a heavier hand, but the overall power-pop appeal is definitely Pollard-esque. It’ll be interesting to see how much differentiation comes on the debut for the band, Is Stupider; it sees a release on November 11th via Exploding in Sound.

Swings Unleash Second Single

swingsThere’s something brewing here with Swings. They’ve unleashed two singles to date, and each of those tracks has me more interested each time. I feel as if it looks back on some of the elements of slo-core, at least in how the songs are constructed, though the vocals give it a slightly different touch going forward. One of my favorite things is that it doesn’t sound remotely like some of the tunes coming out, so having a refreshing view is always solid. Look for their album Sugarwater to come out on November 13th via Exploding in Sound.

Check Out This Grunge Rock Track From Stove

unnamedStove is the project of Stove Van Borden, or the imagined name of Steve Hartlett, who wrote and preformed the entirety of the upcoming album, which is called Is Stupider and promises a blend of vision from the gentleman, but a vision nonetheless. This track, “Jock Dreams,” gives us a slight taste of this vision, and its one that includes a great deal of grunge and hints of the slacker punk that we are most likely to meet in more detail come November 20th via Exploding in Sound. The guitars grumble through the heavy bass lines as the voice of Stove lightens the mix. Take a listen.

Noisey Rocker From Philadelphia Collins

11162081_1588155164801357_5294979429175898507_nPhiladelphia Collins is a new project from Devin McKnight of Speedy Ortiz and drummer Theo Hartlett formerly of Ovlov.  The dudes also brought in a ton of friends to work on their new EP entitled Derp Swervin’ due out July 24th on Exploding in Sound Records.  To preview the new material, check out new single “Sofa Queen” featuring lead vocals from Ellen Kempner of Palehound.  I’m loving the quiet beginning of the tune which eventually builds into this intense, noisey rocker.  Ya dig.

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