Show Pics: Faith No More @ Austin Music Hall (7/26)

Faith No MoreOh my garsh, it was hot in there. I know they are maximizing before demise, but I’d gladly add a dollar to a beer if I could avoid sweating like a prize-fighter. The coolest place to be in Austin Music Hall was at the front door where air rushed in from the outside. It was like opening an airlock in space.

Anyway, Faith No More came to town and brought along Napalm Death. Merch was sold. Classics were played. Lyrics were sung by all in attendance. We have the pics and a few notes from me and maybe even from super-fan-Cleo when and if she ever recovers after the break.

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FT5: Guilty Pleasures

Ok faithful ATH readers, here it is. A chance for everyone associated with this site to embarrass themselves to the world. We all have a handful of artists that we secretly listen to when no one else is around. Usually they are the kind of artists that, if caught listening to, we couldn’t even attempt to justify. We’ve asked 5 different ATH contributors to let us know their musical skeletons in the closet. We haven’t listed them in any particular order, so we’ll let you tell us which ones are the worst. We only ask that you will play along, maybe do a little confessing of your own and continue to visit us after reading. Full list is after the jump.

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