New Music from Fantasy Rainbow

When I think about the greater effects of the Internet I always look to the likes of Dylan Baldi of Cloud Nothings, creating incredible music that seems rooted in real musical knowledge.  This is the exact sentiment I had when I listened to the track from teenage Oliver Catt, who’s gone on to form a new band with his friends titled Fantasy Rainbow.  Their latest single shows great depth in the songwriting, not to mention the quality of the recording itself.  It’s nice to know that with music now excessively abundant to the masses, a teenager lost in his own world can quietly listen to his idols and craft his own great sound. If you like what you hear, click on their name to check out other tracks from the band.

Up, Down and Up Jam from Fantasy Rainbow

Met The folks at Heist or Hit Records a few years back during SxSW through a mutual friend. Good people.

Saw on Bookface that one of their acts, nineteen year old Oliver Cat doing the music thing as Fantasy Rainbow, has a song up to stream via the 405’s Soundcloud. I took a listen and liked it and decided to share. The song “Condominium” will be on the album Bos Taurus, due in the UK on 10/29. Looking into US release info.

New York friends, he’ll be at CMJ.