Soccer Mommy Announces Debut

If you’ve been anywhere in the Interwebs over the last year, then you’ve surely seen the name Soccer Mommy pop up a time or two (even here at ATH). It looks like Sophie Allison’s star continues to rise with the announcement of her album, Clean, which will be released by Fat Possum. At the age of 20, Allison carries a certain confidence in her songwriting that many veterans can’t come near; the soft hush that hits at the chorus is a pretty special moment, repeated to craft that dreamy essence before the guitar lightly feeds back. Look for this record to be a huge hit when it’s dropped on March 2nd.

Will Johnson Has a New Band

Surely you’re aware of my undying love for all things Will Johnson, be it his solo work or Centro-Matic, but now he’s founded Marie/Lepanto with Justin Peter Kinkel-Schuster of Water Liars. Johnson’s voice is clearly a standout on the band’s first single, quivering slightly with his distinctive tones. This tune’s also a bit heavier than the work we’ve heard from Johnson of late, which could be due to Kinkel-Schuster, but regardless, the melodic elements unfurl beneath the crunchy guitar work. The duo will release Tenkiller on January 26th via Fat Possum imprint, Big Legal Mess.

The Districts Give Us Another Hit

Some of us ATH members have been hyping The Districts for quite awhile now and it’s just about damn time that the rest of you got on board as well. If you weren’t with us yet, latest single “If Before I Wake” is sure to change your mind immediately. The guitars soar, the drums are hit with ferocity, and the vocals are timed perfectly with major emotions behind them. How could you say no to this song? Seriously.

The Districts will release Popular Manipulations on August 11th via Fat Possum Records.

Circling Back on Soccer Mommy

Last week Soccer Mommy dropped her latest single from her forthcoming, Collection. It had to be one of the more buzzed about acts of last week, and deservedly so…as Sophia definitely has upped her game since some of her earliest recordings. The opening moments are grand, circling guitars around the vocals, but what grabbed me was that added punch to just around the 2 minute mark, carrying a huge punch of pop. Apparent confidence in her songwriting is surely another notch that shows how quickly she’s grown into being one of the most talked about young acts about; look for her new effort on August 4th via Fat Possum.

Hot New Hoops Tune

I was really impressed with Hoops during this year’s SXSW; they were way tighter as a unit than I expected them to be. This song continues the band’s push of lightly jangling pop hits, though the video accompanying the track also represents the band’s sense of humor. Personally, it’s great to hear a band with such promise that’s still able to have a little bit of fun…especially when they’re facing such high expectations. But, you can relax…these guys are going to pull it off; you’ll be able to see precisely why when you pick up Routines on May 5th via Fat Possum.

ATX Spotlight: More New Adam Torres

I don’t want Adam Torres to stop writing, or singing for that matter. The opening moments of this track display how powerful his instrument is; there’s this blissful fragility, almost like the pained tones of Jeff Buckley. Of course, he wouldn’t be quite as successful without the accompanying bits behind him, especially the violin work of our favorite, Aisha Burns. If you thought Pearls to Swine was an artist at the pinnacle of his powers, it looks like Torres has no intention of slowing down. Look for his new EP, I Came to Sing the Songs, via Fat Possum on February 24th.

Hoops Dreams

You’ve likely already seen this new Hoops jam pop up; it’s like a cross between catchy dream pop and Mac DeMarco, so all the kids are happy. Me, I’m happy because we’re getting close to Spring time and to SXSW, which they’ll be attending. This song serves as the announcement that the band will be working with Fat Possum to release their debut, Routines, on May 5th. Want some dreamy pop, but not ready to come to the dark side of indiepop yet? Well, then get into these guys, they’re the perfect point just in the middle.

ATX Spotlight: Another Adam Torres Gem

Adam Torres certainly is making a name for himself, and we couldn’t be happier for the work he’s bring us all. Last year he offered up Pearls to Swine to critical acclaim, introducing many to his angelic tones. He’s already back with the new I Came to Sing the Song EP, which, as I’m hoping this song illustrates, is here to let you all know the absolute power of voice. Sure, there’s light instrumentation around the strumming (is that a thump or his hand bouncing off the guitar?), though I just want Adam to sing us all to sleep. Your world is about to get a whole lot better…even more so on February 24th when his new EP hits via Fat Possum.

Obligatory Temples Post on New Song

I’m currently rocking four jobs, so forgive me if I’m not always minutes behind the tunes…I still had to post this new Temples track. For me, there’s something new going on in their sound; they’re no longer just touching on psychedelic rehash. Instead, they seem to be favoring a huge swath of pop sensibility…recalling the best moments of Flaming Lips (been listening to the Lips a lot lately). The lyrics are slightly coated, yet it’s impossible to hear the melodies bursting forth from beneath the surface of these tracks. Their new album Volcano will be out on February 3rd via Fat Possum, and if it sounds at all like this song, it’s going to be a huge success.

ATX 2016: The Christmas Gift Guide

austinchristmasAs year-end lists get more and more arbitrary, I decided I didn’t really want to play that game with our local Austin scene. Instead, I wanted to celebrate the excellent year Austin had, musically speaking, and encourage you to go grab copies of the things that suit your fancy. As it gets harder and harder for our musicians and labels to survive, lip service, sadly, just doesn’t cut it. So why not pick up something for all those you love…or just wish had better tastes!

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