Nadine Release Video for Pews

Earlier this year Nadine released Oh My via Father Daughter Records, and because music never stops, there’s now an accompanying video for single “Pews.” I love how the track opens up with this low-key electronic loop and groove, whilst frontwoman Nadia does some stretches, dance moves and mild-mannered calisthenics. She then enters the picture with a feathery voice; it’s soothing in a fashion that entrances the listener. It’s a perfect late night number (which is alluded to in the song), with Nadia’s voice riding up and down the song’s instrumental groove. The band will be hitting the road in late June/early July, mostly with labelmates Remember Sports, so keep an eye out!

SXSW Interviews: Bad Moves

Is everyone else starting to pick up the SXSW fever? This time last week, I really wasn’t, but now I’m beginning to feel that itch, that desire for the week to get here already. Of course it helps that Nate Dawg and myself have the entire week off from work, so yeah… Anyway, I’m carrying the torch of SXSW interviews today with a quick and easy one from Washington D.C. based ATH faves Bad Moves. Strap in and check out the responses after the jump.

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Fresh Fits Music

Fits is an act that seems to be on a lot of people’s go-to list as of late, and with the band’s latest single, they carry the hype along with a message. According to singer Nicholas Cummins, they wrote the song trying to capture the spirit of ‘losing your voice, getting caught in the throat, and missing an opportunity to stand up for yourself and who you are.’ This tune wraps up in just under a minute, hinting at frivolous college rock from long ago; I can just picture the band bouncing as they stomp on their pedals and up the noise…just before settling back in to their groove. The band will release its debut, A Belief is Paradise, via Father Daughter Records on November 17th.

Infectious Pop from Who Is She

Surely this is going to be the hottest release of the year, am I right? Part Chastity Belt, part Lisa Prank, Part Tacocat…Who Is She are all parts awesome. Yesterday the trio dropped this bouncing number on the world, and it’s going to be hard for you not to give it a spin, even if you’ve already done so. Honestly, this seems like the group took the remnants of garage rock, shined it up and made it fun again. They’ll be releasing a Seattle Gossip, their newest LP, on October 6th via Father Daughter Records.

ATX Spotlight: Brand New Alex Napping

I was going to hold this one off until tomorrow, but why wait with good tunes? Alex Napping is one of the many great Austin acts, and their new LP Mise En Place is hinting at a great release come May 5th. Singer Alex Cohen steals the show, or at least the front of the mix, floating airy vocals atop the noisier guitars chugging behind her. The accents coming from the backing vocals are perfect too, filling in all the space that remains in the track. Balancing heavy riffs and hook-laden melodies isn’t easy, but this group seems to have a knack for walking that fine line. Look for their new LP via Father Daughter Records come May!

ATX Spotlight: Another Alex Napping Tune

In what’s shaping up to be a really great year for Austin musicians, Alex Napping is one of those acts that’s high up on our list, at least in so far as esteem goes. Today the band released another single from their forthcoming Mise en Place, which will be released via Father Daughter Records in May. While the casual indie rock sound of this track is in line with what we know from the band, I think the quality of Alex’s voice is what’s really standing out here; it almost seems like she’s singing on the cusp of every breath she releases. I like the slight tonal twist when she offers the lines “I can dream all night.” Give it a listen, and add the group to one of Austin’s great exports.

New Music from Vagabon

vagabon-infinite-worlds-press-photo-credit-to-ebru-yildiz-webIf you’re seeking solace in music this week, and even more so today, then perhaps listening to this new track from Vagabon will help you out. It’s a gently drifting number, carefully employing the picking of guitar to serve as the background for the vocal performance. As the song unfolds samples are placed behind the guitar, adding a deeper texture, yet your focus remains on the quality of the voice. Listen for the emphatic punch at the end, and if this grabs your eats, then look for Infinite Worlds out on Father Daughter Records late next February.

Nice Rocker From Doubles

0008066461_10It’s a nice day for some explosive and raucous indie rock music. Right? Well our genre bender today is called “Plant” and comes by way of Philly based rock band Doubles. This one is all about the build up you feel for about a minute and a half which turns into an all out rock fest after that. It hits.

Doubles will be working on a new album coming soon! For now, enjoy this jam today.

More Fun Pop from Sat. Nite Duets

satniteduetsThe guitars on this new Sat Nite Duets track encourage the listener to scurry quickly about; it’s almost punk rock, but only mostly in style. The lyrical delivery and the song’s overall steer the band away from that, building an emphatic party track. Now, I mean that in the sense that you can envision the band rocking this out in a living room surrounded by everyone they love; there’s something delightfully playful that just begs you to turn up and let go. This is just another friendly reminder that Air Guitar will be out on September 16th via Father Daughter Records.

Watch the New Video from Plush

I was really bummed when The Shes called it quits, but I’ve beenexcited by the new project formed out of the ashes, Plush. The band is working withFather Daughter Records, and this new video sets up the scene for a continuation of great sounds. For most part, the song walks that line of ethereal dream pop, floating along casually. But, as the song furthers itself, you’ll hear some sonic exploration, such as extra distortion and crashing percussive elements. The band employs all sorts of sounds on their recent Please EP…which is available now. Also, look for the band to do a run down the East Coast starting this week.

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