More Fun Pop from Sat. Nite Duets

satniteduetsThe guitars on this new Sat Nite Duets track encourage the listener to scurry quickly about; it’s almost punk rock, but only mostly in style. The lyrical delivery and the song’s overall steer the band away from that, building an emphatic party track. Now, I mean that in the sense that you can envision the band rocking this out in a living room surrounded by everyone they love; there’s something delightfully playful that just begs you to turn up and let go. This is just another friendly reminder that Air Guitar will be out on September 16th via Father Daughter Records.

Watch the New Video from Plush

I was really bummed when The Shes called it quits, but I’ve beenexcited by the new project formed out of the ashes, Plush. The band is working withFather Daughter Records, and this new video sets up the scene for a continuation of great sounds. For most part, the song walks that line of ethereal dream pop, floating along casually. But, as the song furthers itself, you’ll hear some sonic exploration, such as extra distortion and crashing percussive elements. The band employs all sorts of sounds on their recent Please EP…which is available now. Also, look for the band to do a run down the East Coast starting this week.

Stunning New Sat. Nite Duets Tune

satniteduetsIt takes a lot to come out with a track that doesn’t fit in anywhere, yet appeals to everyone; I got that vibe when I played this Sat. Nite Duets tune for the first time. For the most part, the track takes on a somber bone, accented by the quivering vocal performance. But, there are beautiful voices out there, so in order to build upon that, the band have included bits of sax and strings to surround the voice as it enters your ears. Their album Air Guitar will be released by Father Daughter Records on September 16th, giving us all something more than your average fare to enjoy.

Listen to New Sat Duets Tune

satnightBetter start off today right, and seems like that’s probably best done if you get into this new track from Sat. Night Duets. Seems part casualindie rock, in the vein of Silver Jews, but part classic country-infused rock seeping through the pores. There’s just something in the vocal tones that grabs me; it’s a pretty deep tone, but sung with such calm that I find myself enchanted. The Milwaukee group are set to release their brand new record, Air Guitar, on September 16th via Father Daughter Records.

Yet Another Attic Basement Track

atticI’ve spent quite a bit of time with the Attic Basement album, Dream News, as of late. I think this songis one of those unassuming gems that’s hiding on the record. It’s got an intricate, almost math-rock, manner of guitar playing; it almost sounds like Television at times. The lyrical delivery is relaxed, almost delivered haphazardly over the band’s musical output. There’s some distinctive changes within this record, and this song is just an example of the variance in sound you’ll find when you pick up your copy of the new LP. It’s going to be released by Father Daughter Records on May 27th.

Another Attic Abasement Track

atticJust a bit ago we tossed up a relatively new track from Attic Abasement, and I’m going out to say that I’m even more attached to this new tune. There’s some old school indifference to polished vocals, capturing every inflection as the music works its way behind. In a weird way, it sort of sounds like Cult of Youth, minus that whole shanty thing; it holds onto a punk ethos, yet still enchants your everyman. Their new LP, Dream News, will be out on May 27th via Father/Daughter Records.

Too Good Not to Post: Attic Basement

atticSome songs spread like wildfire, going all over the Internet. I usually ignore those, as who needs another voice shouting into the void, but in the case of Attic Basement, I can’t hold back. This lead single from their forthcoming record sounds a bit like Pavement, but it’s filled with these little imperfections, such as the stretch of the vocal pitch at times. But, in that, it’s successful, reminding of us of purely passionate music being poured out on the stage. You can feel this song. That means the most. Their new LP Dream News will be out via Father Daughter on May 27th.

Rad Sloppy Rocker from Never Young

neveryoungThe last time we heard from Never Young, we were blasting their self-titled EP, and it looks like they’re going to be rocking just as hard now that they’ve announced the limited cassette, NY Singles. I suppose it’s a shitty adjective to use, but from the get-go, this band seems like they’re barely containing themselves, barely holding it together. But, that being said, in this single they do hold it together, they do pull it all in and leave you wanting to hear more. It’s just one of three unreleased songs on this new effort, which comes at you on October 16th via Father Daughter Records.

Austin Town Hall Loves Sports…the band (and sports)

sportsEvery time I listen to a track from Sports, especially this latest single, I can’t help but recall all the promise I felt Rilo Kiley had on their first few albums.  It’s got lyrics you’ll find wrapping themselves around you, but ultimately it has this pop sensibility tightly wound beneath a hint of punk rock…or at least pop punk.  All of Something is the title of their new effort, which will be released on October 30th via Father Daughter Records. We’ve had a slew of the band’s singles before this, and we continue to fall in love with the band. Just try another on for size.

Diet Cig Hit It Hard… Again!


So, Diet Cig are really on a roll these days with the singles they’ve been releasing. Back in July they gave us “Sleep Talk,” which was a great summery alternative hit that brought emo back to alternative. “Dinner Date,”  the other part of the 7″ that is coming out physically via Father/Daughter Records on September 18th, is a further exploration into that angsty sound. Alex Luciano’s vocals are packed with emotion and the delivery is a perfect match to the brief, yet powerful alternative rock track that explores what sounds like a bad time in the past. Take a listen and pick up that 7″ here on special edition vinyl. 


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