ATH + SXSW: Father Daughter, Small Plates, & Gold Robot Showcase @ The Grackle (3/15)


You know it’s SXSW time right?  Well it is fools and ATH has gotten together with some fine folks all over the country to sponsor some incredible showcases here in Austin next week.  Today we’ll start off with a show we are helping sponsor with incredible national indie labels Father Daughter, Gold Robot, and Small Plates.  Here are some deets for what is sure to be the best day party you’ll ever hear about:

Date: Friday, March 15th

Time: Doors @ 11:30/music @ 12:15

Lineup (in order): Gems, Mutual Benefit, Body Parts, Night Panther, Monster Rally, Day Joy, Roman Ruins, Conveyor, Francisco the Man, and Levek

Location: The Grackle @ 1700 E 6th Street (MAP)

Free and open to the public for 21+ RSVP Here

Musical preview:


Download: Night Panther – Fever [MP3]


Download: GEMS – All I Ever [MP3]

Another Gentle Song from Leapling

We’ve been hot on the heels of Leapling since they were first picked up by the good folks over at Father Daughter Records, and this new single continues their great first impression.  There’s a quieted build-up with an underlying pulse, just before the whispering vocals come in to play.  There’s some electronic tinkering that goes along intermittently, providing a feeling not far off from Pinback or a Fugiya & Miyagi, but the special moment arrives near the end when the song bursts into this blissed out harmony.  You can grab this track and a few others from the band’s Losing Face EP, which is available now!

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”show_artwork=false” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

Catchy New Power Pop from Cocktails

The last few years have seen bands reignite our love for pure honest rock n’ roll, so we’re glad to add another excellent act of that ilk to the mix: Cocktails.  They call San Francisco home, but the way that these hooks  dig their nails into you, I wouldn’t be surprised if they find themselves with a huge audience outside of their home city.  While the power-pop element survives in the track, I’m enjoying the gentle quality of the vocal delivery.  They’ll have a new 7″ EP coming your way on February 12th via Father Daughter Records, giving you all the more reason to get your hands on a very limited run!


Download:Cocktails – Hey Winnie [MP3]

Smooth Listening from Leapling

Just a few weeks ago I brought you this semi-new tune from Leapling, letting you know that the act had recently signed with the wonderful Father Daughter Records.  Not even a week later, I’m back with news that the bands 5 song EP, Losing Face, is now set for release on January 15th.  In my ears, I appreciate the careful approach to pop songwriting the group has taken here–nothing seems forced or trivial.  This is the sort of music that is both challenging and comforting, which makes it a winner in my book; it should be one in your book too, if you’re writing one.


Download:Leapling – If You’re Patient [MP3]


Smooth Pop Tunes from Leapling

I’m really excited about this tune from Leapling that has been floating around just a little bit over the Interwebs.  A light introduction builds the perfect setting for the tune, leaving enough empty space for the brilliant melody to jump in enthusastically, then trickle it’s way through your mind, leaving an effortless happiness in its wake.  There’s not much information on the group, other than that they’re from Brooklyn and they’re making this chilled out collage pop.  Oh, and they will soon have an EP to their name, which is being put out by the excellent folks over at Father Daughter Records…I’ll keep you updated on that.


Download:Leapling – Seventeen [MP3]

Great Mellow Jam from Pure Bathing Culture

I’m pretty sure you’re all going to love this track; there’s really nothing as strikingly wonderful as this track from Pure Bathing Culture.  It’s such a subtle pop track, with the instrumentation turned down low so the vocals can reach perfection by the time they hit your ears.  You can find this track on the group’s debut self-titled EP, which just came out via the good people over at Father Daughter Records.  Come on, one listen just isn’t enough, you’re going to have to play this song over and over again.  I don’t know about you, but that pretty sums the track up as a certified hit.



Dreamy Pop Number from Pure Bathing Culture

It’s been a pretty busy week all around, and I almost let this one slip though my hands, that is until I saw that Pure Bathing Culture is comprised of members of Vetiver, a band we think highly of here around the house.  They’ve compiled four new songs that they recorded with Richard Swift, and that EP should come out on May 22nd via Father/Daughter Records.  While there’s a definite element of haziness at work here, I really love the quality of the vocal, with just a hint of raspy/smoky quality.  It will be interesting to see what a full length effort sounds like, but for now, this EP is doing just fine!


Download:Pure Bathing Culture – Ivory Coast [MP3]

New Music From Family Trees

Every once in a blue moon we actually get some decent stuff in the ‘ol inbox.  Such was the case when I got this sweet lil jam from up and coming Brooklyn band Family Trees.  The track is set to appear on the band’s upcoming 7″ Dream Talkin’ which is due June 29th on Father Daughter Records.


Download: Family Trees – Dream Talkin [MP3]

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