Mint Field Share Aterrizar Single

The more I listen to the tracks on Sentimiento Mundial, the more I’m mesmerized by the world Mint Field are creating. My early perception of the band had them casting this shadowy psychedelia from Mexico, but with each new single from the new LP, they’re giving out little hints of this expansive sound, this tapestry of influences and visions. For instance, you’ll find yourself intoxicated with these heavenly vocals and carefully worked guitar lines; it feels like there’s movement, but its so light you can’t help but feel yourself floating away. The band, however, have a nice little trick in store for your ears, unleashing a wall of shattering noise just after the 2 minute mark. They haven’t strayed from their roots, they’ve just landed in a new sonic landscape of their own creation. The new LP drops on September 25th via Felte.

Mint Field Share Delicadeza Video

The title of the new single from Mint Field translates to delicacy, and this video is a treat on many levels. For starters, director Santiago Arouesty has captured our lives; you’ve likely found yourself in the same position as the video’s protagonists as of late, drifting off into day after day of anxiety amidst this pandemic. While I appreciate the cinematic aspects, the angelic whispers from the band do more than enough to allow the song to permeate your being. It also vaguely reminds me of one of those biology films where the animal dies and in doing so gives birth to some sort of plant thus completing the cycle of life; seems like its filled with purity and pain all at once. Call me captivated. The group release Sentimiento Mundial on September 25th via Felte Records.

Ganser Drop Projector Video

This Friday we’re all destined to be in for a treat when Chicago noise outfit Ganser drops their new album, Just Look at That Sky. Today we get the lyric video for their latest single, punishing our ears as we turn the volume all the way up. Guitars cut through speaker, first right then left, knifing their way through discordant noise, with the drums pounding all the while in the near distance. The video perfectly matches up with the vocals in the song itself, delivered in a lecture format that makes me beg to go back to school; I enrolled in Purposeful Noise Rock 101 with Professor Nadia Garofalo. If you’re into it, the LP drops Friday via Felte Records.

Houses of Heaven Provides A Slow Burn

Nathan sent this one over to me a few days ago as my recent listening habits have included a high proportion of darker synth stuff, even for me. Xymox, Joy Division and Lust for Youth have been on the turntable as recently as last night. I let this simmer, but had not given it an honest listen. While crushing spreadsheets yesterday, I had the headphones up a little higher than normal (HD660s on JDS Labs Atom, if anyone cares about such things and if you do, let me know and we’ll talk gear a bit) and this track popped up again with its layered percussion and synth textures that move forward methodically commanding attention. “Dissolve the Floor” landed squarely.

Houses of Heaven are Keven Tecon, Adam Beck, and Nick Ott. Surrounded by the backdrop of the bay area’s social inequities, they have put together their first LP Silent Places on Felte Records, digital now and vinyl 5/22.

Mint Field Announce Signing to Felte Records with Natural

Back when Mint Field released Pasar de las Luces the band was living in Tijuana, crafting these spaced-out psychedelic tunes; they were one of the highlights of my 2018 SXSW. Now, they’ve moved to Mexico City, signed to Felte Records and prepared a brand new single for us. Our first listen has some obvious changes in the band’s sound, though not entirely stepping away form where we first heard them. Here, they’ve sort of flipped the script…instead of filling the negative space with atmospherics and noise, they’ve just left it completely open, letting the notes resonate in that emptiness. There’s a burst of their old selves coming through at the 2 minute mark, but the song seems to move in a more meditative state, much like the tune’s accompanying video. Still, as interesting as ever.

Gold Cage Share Shadows and Release Social Crutch

Always a fan of the slowcore style, I’m really into this new record from Gold Cage. I love how the song just feels steady, like its serving to give you a semblance of balance amidst the turmoil of your life. Plus, I’m a sucker for those meandering guitar lines snaking their way around my ears, left and right, inside and out, dropping little melodic footnotes along the way. Besides, you get the soft curl of the vocals hanging in the front of the mix, likely to leave you with daydream scars. If you like what you hear, check out their new LP Social Crutch, out today via Felte.

More From Odonis Odonis

odonisodonisMan Odonis Odonis has picked up some heavy coverage on ATH over the years and I consider most of our writers and contributors as fans. With that said, this new track from the band features a bit of a different direction than what we’ve grown accustomed to. Sure the heavy sound is still apparent, but damn if the guys haven’t added in some crazy electronic elements similar to a band like Cold Cave or even NIN. Paired with their old flare for heavy rockers, this new electronic element is creating something truly powerful and downright badass. I’m on board for more of this.

New album Post Plague will hit stores on June 17th via Felte Records.

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A Sultry Groove From Au.Ra

10865990_599963220135892_1713619996969962156_oAu.Ra are Tim Jenkins and Tom Crandles from Sydney, who make psychedelic shoegazey rock music. “Talk Show,” is a noisy growing tune that starts by simmering and slowly builds to its boiling end of subtle psychedelic rock, but it also maintains this danceable energy throughout the whole song. This is just one of many singles that Au.Ra have put out from Jane’s Lament, their new record to be released on March 3rd. You can check out the rest of those singles here, as well as preorder the record if you’re so inclined.


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Nite Fields Get Epic


Normally, I’m not the type to share with you long tracks, but when I heard this sprawling exercise in ambient/minimalist alternative music, I had to tell you about Nite Fields. This four piece from Brisbane are on the cusp of releasing of album, Depersonalisation, on Felte Records in a few weeks, but this song is the perfect reason to get excited and preorder the record; it begins oh-so-slowly with the smallest amounts of sound and over the course of seven minutes it develops into a soaring alternative rock song. The sleepy and deep vocals crawl through the track alongside the lush percussion and elegantly angular electric guitars, making it natural and easy progression. The pacing is perfect, leaving you completely enraptured in the slowness and still hooked when the band picks up the pace towards the end.

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