Dark Pop From AUTOBAHN

After quite a bit of rock n roll last week, I’m rejoining the game this week with some dark pop music from Leeds based group AUTOBAHN. Playing on the likes of genre innovators Joy Division, AUTOBAHN throw in some electronic sounds to come across as a bit more Cold Cave like than the 80s pioneers. Repetitive guitars, synths, and keyboards all blend together nicely to produce a solid single effort out of the UK.

AUTOBAHN will release The Moral Crossing LP on November 3rd via felte (pre-order).

New Electronic Doom from Odonis Odonis

Sometimes when you strip down to the most minimal bits of your work, you come out with the best product. This might just be the case for Odonis Odonis, who are reported to have stripped down the instrumentation on their latest effort to synthesizers and electronic drums. I love how these guys make music that sounds like impending doom, but almost makes you beg for it; it sounds beautiful. There’s a moment on the latter half of the tune where they build the tension with tons of negative space, only to drop the vocals and beat back in one more time. Felte will be releasing the No Pop on October 20th.

Au.Ra Gives One More Fuzzed Pop Number

The release of Cultivations is just a few short weeks away, so this might be your last chance to sample some new Au.Ra before the record drops. This track employs a dreamy vibe, tossing out the vocals in an almost distant manner while the electronic wash plods carefully through your speakers. In the song’s middle the band brings in a nice little atmospheric respite, only to push back with a melodic fade out to end the song. Felte will be releasing Cultivations on June 30th in stores worldwide.

More Music from Au.Ra

I love the combination between delicate and dreamy that the latest works from Au.Ra have brought through my speakers…this seems to further add to that. Still, the group is able to flesh out some of the sweet spots and take things to a noisier side; for instance, careful guitar strumming parts for distorted riffs to shake the picture in the song’s early moments. It all fades out into a drifting bit of pop sensation that you’ll rush to hear again. Seems like good things are on the horizon with the band’s Cultivations due June 20th via Felte.

Digging on Soviet Soviet

sovietsovietThere was a time in the early 2000s when I soaked up all these post-punk acts, especially the ones that played along the lines of the genres dark side while still looking to give me a hook; I remember Stellastarr* being one of the bands that highlighted that sound. So, hearing Soviet Soviet, I’m totally taken back, and completely falling for the group. Sure, there’s some careful moments where they’re playing with ambient noise bits, but almost the entirety of this single is this swelling hook filled bit of angular pop…that middle ground where shoegaze let us all in on underlying accessibility. The Italian act just announced Endless, and sounds like a good time to me; look for it via Felte on December 2nd.

Darkened Pop Wash from Chasms

chasmsI love the feeling that Chasms create with their music, thus why I used the term wash in our silly little line up there. The opening moments definitely hit you hard, coming into your being the way the best songs can. As the track unfolds, what really held my attention was the way the guitar comes into play, dancing carefully in the far off distance like some beautiful remnant of 80s greats. I think you’ll be really taken by this tune, which is promising for us all considering the group is set to release On the Legs of Love Purified on October 14th via Felte.

More Dark Tunes from Ritual Howls

ritualThis is some dark stuff here, and I dig it. Ritual Howls, who are releasing their new album, Into the Water, this Friday, are here to brandish another bit of dark post-pop. I love the way the band really relies upon their musicianship to allow for the song to unfold at its own pace, rather than hit you overhead with a hook (a la the Killers). This allows you get lost in the corners of the song, as the guitars carefully dance in hidden corners and the drums hit heavy in the distance. Look for their new LP this Friday via Felte…and a tour along the West Coast come October.

Hear a New One from Ritual Howls

ritualMan, I think I’m in love with this new track from Ritual Howls. There’s this propulsive no-wave new-wave aspect that carries throughout, filled in with lots of negative space to really allow the musical elements to shine. Don’t get me wrong, the deep tonal quality of the vocals is fitting, and adds a strong layer to it, but the musicality alone would have sealed this song for me. This recalls the darker side of dream pop to me, and I fully expect Into the Water, their newest effort, to be something quite enjoyable. Look for its release on August 19th via Felte.

More From Ritual Howls

unnamed (6)Around a month ago we shared with you guys a new single from Detroit based up and coming band Ritual Howls. Well today we’ve got another new single for you in the form of this new track “Park Around the Corner”. Yet again I am intrigued by the band’s ability to blend heavy pop elements from a group like Joy Division, and mesh them well with a poppier industrial band like Cold Cave. One can even sense a hint of Nathan’s favorite artist Marilyn Manson…. I suggest you check it out now.

This track will appear on Into the Water due out August 19th on felte.

New Music from Ritual Howls

ritualhowsRitual Howls are not here to make you dance. They’re bringing a different set of electronic compositions, ones designed to haunt your late night walks through darkened alleys. There’s a feeling of overwhelming anxiety, a suffocating eeriness that dangerously brings about the underbelly of pop structures the band implores. This is our first listen to music from their forthcoming album, Into the Water, which is going to see a release on August 19th via Felte. See that dark hole on the album artwork in the left corner? Like the music in this track, it’s waiting to swallow you whole.

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