FIDLAR Return With Anthemic Punk Rock

FidlarA simple search on this website for the band FIDLAR will tell you immediately that we are huge supporters of the group’s music and general attitude toward song writing.  Go ahead, try the search.  So we dig these guys obviously and we always get excited when they send us great punk rock tunes like the anthemic song “Awkward” found below.  As usual, the guys don’t beat around the bush with their lyrics and clearly like to rock equally as much as any punks in the game.  This track is the first taste of new material from the band since the release of their albums of the year worthy self-titled LP back in January.  Simply a single of sorts.

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Ray Ray’s SXSW 2013 Recap

Ray Ray SxSW ThoughtsSo it’s been said already that the festival has wrapped up and we’re all trying to recover as best we can back at work Monday.  It was a fun and exhausting week full of incredible music, tons of booze, and many an old friend.  We’re each taking a look back at our week in free live music with some recaps and now it’s my turn.  Follow the jump for more.

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ATH & SXSW: 3 To Watch

sxsw-&-athWe ATH crew are here to make sure you don’t completely screw up this whole SXSW thing and hate yourself for doing so.  Now we realize that every website in the nation shares some musical advice on the festival itself, but we like to think that we can offer you our opinions in condensed, easy to read versions.  Our policy has always been to only post things we like, and we promise to continue doing that.  We’ll be spending the next week or so fulfilling our promise with some SXSW artist to watch, 3 at a time.  I’ll start things off today by telling you a bit about 3 bands I deem worthy of your time.  Follow the jump for more.

For current show postings, keep in mind that it’s still early and many shows have yet to be announced.  We will post what we can find at this point. Read more

Fun Fest Recap: RayRay Edition

We’ve always had one hell of a time at Fun Fest every year, and we always have some fun after the festival discussing our take on each day’s events.  This year, we’re letting each one of our writers provide their own take on the weekend with a personal recap of the goings ons so as to not compromise or impose on any one writer’s opinions.  I’ll be starting things off today with some random thoughts and favorite bands from the best festival in town.  Follow the jump for more from me.

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FFF 2012: Friday In Pictures

Minor set back for this photographer wasn’t going to slow me down. I had limited access to photo pits on Friday which luckily was remedied before getting going on Saturday. It meant I got to spend a little more time in the crowd, getting shots of the festival, the people.

I did manage to get some musicians doing their thing as well, don’t panic.

The Friday edition includes Sharon Van Etten, Orthy, Bob Mould, Napalm Death, Cursive, Dum Dum Girls and plenty of atmosphere. Hit the break.

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5 Bands To See @ Fun Fest: Friday

Fun Fun Fun Fest is here everybody!  As excited as we know everyone is, it’s important to have some sort of plan before you head out to the festival each day.  Before you head out, we thought we might give you some recommendations for the day just in case your head is about to explode when trying to decide who you should see.  We shall alleviate your pain with the top 5 bands you should make a point to see each day.  Now this is by no means a conclusive list and all festival goers should check the full lineup to accomodate their discerning taste.  In our mind, these are five bands that you don’t dare miss today!  Follow the jump for Friday recs.

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Fun Fun Fun Fest Preview: FIDLAR

It’s been a way solid year for FIDLAR, releasing a nice little 7″ full of catchy garage rock jams, and then getting loads of press across the nation from new fans.  It’s no surprise they’re rising, they combine the catchiness of pop-punk tunes, fueled by a lo-fi recording done in someone’s garage; it’s ballsy, yet it’s exuberant, so what more could you want?  They’re going to continue their huge year by playing for us all at Fun Fun Fun Fest.  I get the feeling that they’re just on the cusp of being everyone’s favorite band, sort of like Wavves of 2009, which is all the more reason to get out there and see their set.  You can be one of those people that says “oh yeah, I saw them way back when…”  Not to mention the fact that it’s going to be energetic and kick you in the face!


Download: Fidlar – Got No Money [MP3]

FIDLAR plays Friday, November 2nd at 1:05 on the Black Stage!

New Jam from FIDLAR

I feel like I took it easy on the world, posting some chilled out tracks yesterday.  I aim to change that this morning, giving you all a bit of rock n’ roll.  Fortunately, I came across this sludgy gem from FIDLAR on NME (I know, I still read it), which really has little information to go with it. Unlike some of their early tracks, the vocals are sort of screamed here, while the guitars sound fuzzy and dirty.  Like I said, no word on whether this tune will feature on the band’s upcoming full length, but all the same, it’s time to rock.


Download:FIDLAR – The Punks Are Finally Taking Acid [MP3]

More Great Rock n’ Roll from Fidlar

I’ve already raved about Fidlar from some time, so when this new track surfaced, I couldn’t help but fall back in love with the band.  It’s a great jam for a Friday, with garage rock jangling kicking on for the duration of the track.  It’s even a bit sloppy at parts with the vocals getting a touch scratchy.  When I came across this song it also came news that Mom and Pop had picked up the band, so we can expect a full length of rocking jams to come from the band later on in the year–at least that’s what I’m hoping for.


Download: Fidlar – Got No Money [MP3]

Brand New Jam from FIDLAR

I first wrote about LA’s FIDLAR back in May of last year, so I was really excited to find a new track in ye olde inbox today.  Apparently, the band’s got another 7″ planned for March 13th, and we’ve got the one of the tracks for your listening pleasure.  This jam definitely finds them treading the same water as their bretheren in bands liks Jeff the Brotherhood, but you can definitely here a bit of the Cali touch in the way the vocals come across.  If you need a track to blast on a nice sunny day, then you better get this song and turn it up loud, as that’s the only way to rock!


Download: FIDLAR – No Waves [MP3]

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