Sing-A-Long with Stanley Brinks and the Wave Pictures

berlinThere’s just something about the work between The Wave Pictures and Stanley Brinks that’s just exceptionally charming. You can hum the words or sing them at full strength, but regardless you’ll find yourself being charmed. It’s just some sort of insane magic they’ve concocted together, with more coming in the form of the album titled My Ass. But, while we wait for it, Fika Recordings is letting you grab a 7″ with this wonderful tune; I think I already have half the words memorized, and plan to have the whole thing down by the time you read this. Grab copies of the album or the 7″ directly from the wonderful label.

New Music from Stanley Brinks & the Wave Pictures

wakefieldThese pop aficionados have been working together rather closely of late, so much so that they’re basically one band….one that I’m definitely enjoying.  Stanley Brinks and the Wave Pictures are in the midst of recording yet another album for Fika Recordings, but in the meantime, they’re offering up this brand new 7″ to sample some of the work.  It’s a playful number, but not in the oddity sense, just in the cheery mood flowing through your speakers. A great tune for a great day here in August, so figured you should have the ability to enjoy it yourself.



Playful Single from Owl & Mouse

owlzImmediately, there’s a simplicity to this song from Owl & Mouse.  It’s just a little ukulele backed by a solemn piano chord, soon accompanied by Hannah Botting’s voice. Still, the basic approach wraps itself around your ears, drawing you close into the lyrics, discussing the emotions of saying goodbye.  As the song unfolds there’s some really lush accompaniment filling in the space that lays empty…there’s added strings and really light percussion.  It’s a remarkable start for the group’s debut, Departures, which is being released by Fika Recordings later this year.  Find yourself falling in love with this number today.

Another Good One From Azure Blue

unnamed (2)Just as Azure Blue is a few weeks out from releasing his third studio LP in Beneath The Hill I Smell The Sea, Tobias Isaksson has it us once more with another new wave electro pop gem to tantalize us for this new record. “Tragedy & Changes,” sounds like a straight-from-the-eighties hit, complete with super faded and breathy vocals plus never ending drum machine beats that patter through the song. What I’m really digging though, is the very end of the song when some electric guitar sneaks its way into the electro pop mix and carries you out. Look out for the latest from Azure Blue that’s due out next week on June 15th through Fika Recordings.

Azure Blue Releases New Single

azure blueIt’s probably never a bad day, at least in my house, if Azure Blue is releasing something new.  We’ve known that the band were just around the corner from releasing their new album, Beneath the Hill I Smell the Sea, and they’ve added to that excitement with a teaser EP (and single). The EP is basically one great single (plus album track Baby You Are a Star) and a few remixes, but you’d miss out if you skipped over this delicious track they’re offering.  It’s got crisp guitar work, a driving beat and a coated vocal that, as always, brings the perfect harmony to the band’s sound.  Look for the album from Fika Recordings and Hybris on June 15th.

Bright Indiepop from Azure Blue

Azure-BlueIt’s not been too long since we last heard from Azure Blue, but I welcome their return nonetheless.  The groove in their latest single has this vibe that seems like it was ready for college dance floors in the late 80s/early 90s.  Still, the echoed wash that coats the vocals provides a different view, turning the song from a dance tune into a powerful bit of dreamy indiepop.  You’ll even hear the song explore some darker EDM territory as it nears its close; I’m definitely glad I’ve got this song to jam to today. Look for Beneath the Hill I Smell the Sea to hit later this year via Fika Recordings.

Stream New Album from Stanley Brinks and Freshcard

freshtodethIt’s Friday, and I’m totally stressed. Buying a new house, starting teaching again on Monday, so I needed something to mellow me out a bit.  Luckily, the good folks at Fika Recordings sent over this great new album from Stanley Brinks and Freshcard; it’s titled Pizza Espresso.  The record is full of duets between the two songwriters, offering an indiepop spin on the folk duets one would get from Emmylou and Gram, or more recently, Dutchess and the Duke. It just sort of makes me feel better about the world knowing that we can all detox from mundane activities with tunes like these.  If you love what you hear (you should) then go to Fika and pick yourself up a copy!

Stanley Brinks and Freshcard Release Album of Duets

Pizza EspressoIt seems like Stanley Brinks is all about collaborations this year, having earlier worked with The Wave Pictures, and now with songwriter Freshcard.  The story goes that Mr. Brinks met Freshcard whilst she was working at a bakery in Paris; he invited her to sing some songs, and their friendship was born.  Together, the two will release Pizza Espresso as collaborative affair between their two labels, Fika Recordings and Wiaiwya.  It’s an album of soft ballads and shared singing roles, allowing for maximum pop indulgence for the listener. You’ll be quite pleased with the results of these two.


Download: Stanley Brinks and Freshcard – If You Have Time [MP3]

Catchy Tune from The Smittens

smittensIt’s been a pretty solid year for Fika Recordings, releasing hits from the likes of Wave Pictures and Stanley Brinks.  But, they’ve upped their game today with the announcement that they’ll be releasing a new album from Vermont’s The Smittens.  There’s a certain sense of innocence in this song; it harkens back the the gifts of girl-groups of days gone by, accented by nice male backing tracks.  You can’t listen to a song like this and not feel your emotions swell with joy.  Love Record Breaker will be released on August 18th; you won’t want to skip out on this.

New Music from Owl & Mouse

owlOne of the many great micro-labels I constantly follow is Fika Recordings, and they just announced their newest signing, Owl & Mouse.  My interest in the label is the obscure singer-songwriter fare they seem to discover, and this is no different.  Hannah Botting is the enchanting singer on this song, offering up her gentle voice over her simple chords.  Those of you who love the writing of indiepop, lyrically speaking, will also find her wordplay something special.  The Somewhere to Go EP will be available in digital and 7″ formats on June 23rd.



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