Brand New Cosines Tune!

Cosines press copyWhile we’re all eagerly awaiting the next brilliant LP from Cosines, the band have been kind enough to record a stop-gap EP to hold fans over for the time being. Walking the line between jangle and pristine guitar ring, this first sample is five minutes of charming indiepop; the lyrics are clever, telling the story of a couple who never seem to have quite committed to one another, despite being madly in love. Honestly, I didn’t even notice this song ran on for so long because I was so wrapped up in it…that’s the best thing you can say about a song in my opinion. Take a listen below, and go grab the Transitions EP from the Fika Recordings Shop, home to many more delightful releases.

Fika Recordings Welcome Palomica

honeydewFika Recordings already has a decent stable of great acts (Stanley Brinks, Sally Shapiro), but adding Palomica to the fold just upped the ante a bit. Bouncing pop music never sounded so good in the morning, and the youthful spirit of the song has left a grin on my face for the twenty minutes. This song features a conversation between a male and a female, trading their perspectives, filled with fruit imagery. This single will be featured on the group’s second album, Petito, which should be out via the label later on in the year.

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Brand New Music from Math and Physics Club

mathI really love this band. I guess you can file them under indiepop, but I feel sometimes that that minimizes the band’s sound…you can simply label it great pop music…in my book. They’re working with Fika Recordings and Matinee to release a collection of rarities and b-sides, but also tossing out this brand new tune, as endearing and lovely as ever. A very limited vinyl edition will be released on June 24th, and this is your chance to fall in love with one of the greatest bands you might have overlooked. Enjoy this new one from Math and Physics Club,and be sure to grab In This Together.

Listen to New Music from Stanley Brinks

stanleyStanley Brinks really just came onto my radar recently with his work on collaborative records he did with The Wave Pictures. But, he’s at it again, doing another collaborative piece, but this time with the Kaniks. They add a more orchestral touch, placing some horns and extra bits to flesh out Stanley’s storytelling on this new track. It’s just one of two songs that just went up via Fika Recordings, but it looks like there’s another similar effort coming right around the corner.

Christmas Pop from Bill Botting + Two Drink Minimums

billYou know Christmas or Hanukkah (or just holiday season for pc purposes) is around the corner when you see a flood of lists hitting the Internet. With that, we also get the gift of great Christmas music from our favorites, like Bill Botting who plays with Allo’ Darlin. He’s rounded up a bunch of friends for a short little EP titled It’s Not Christmas Anymore, and the track they’ve got floating out is quite a joy. It’s got a little bit of stripped down folk, but still adheres to a pop sensibility that’s visible in the work of all the participants. Should make for a nice little holiday listen; it’s available via Fika Recordings.

Another Day, Another Sunturns Hit

sunturnsWhen I first heard of Sunturns and their Christmas oriented pop project, I was on the verge of dismissing it. But, I’ve quickly come around on falling for the band, all based upon the power of their delectable indiepop hits. You see, while the songs spin around Christmas ideas, they still have this emotional draw in the lyrics, drawing from personal experiences around the holiday. Honestly, if you didn’t hear the word Christmas, you’d likely just fall in love with the song. It’s heartwarming, both lyrically and musically; the band have crafted 10 original songs and a Ramones cover for their Christmas II album, which you can grab from the good folks over at Fika Recordings.

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Clean Pop Tune from Sunturns

sunturnsSunturns is a group made up of heavy-hitters from inside the Swedish pop scene, but it would probably take too long to list them all, so may as well just focus on how great this song is. It’s a dosage of indiepop that comes off about as clean as you can get; there’s no jangling guitar or wall of atmospherics, just plain old good songwriting. It just so happens that this track, and the album’s content, take on Christmas…which is their second run at an original Christmas album. Fika Recordings will be releasing Christmas I and II as a double LP on red and white vinyl; it comes out on December 4th, just in time for a great gift. Enjoy the holiday season early.

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Sing-A-Long with Stanley Brinks and the Wave Pictures

berlinThere’s just something about the work between The Wave Pictures and Stanley Brinks that’s just exceptionally charming. You can hum the words or sing them at full strength, but regardless you’ll find yourself being charmed. It’s just some sort of insane magic they’ve concocted together, with more coming in the form of the album titled My Ass. But, while we wait for it, Fika Recordings is letting you grab a 7″ with this wonderful tune; I think I already have half the words memorized, and plan to have the whole thing down by the time you read this. Grab copies of the album or the 7″ directly from the wonderful label.

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New Music from Stanley Brinks & the Wave Pictures

wakefieldThese pop aficionados have been working together rather closely of late, so much so that they’re basically one band….one that I’m definitely enjoying.  Stanley Brinks and the Wave Pictures are in the midst of recording yet another album for Fika Recordings, but in the meantime, they’re offering up this brand new 7″ to sample some of the work.  It’s a playful number, but not in the oddity sense, just in the cheery mood flowing through your speakers. A great tune for a great day here in August, so figured you should have the ability to enjoy it yourself.



Playful Single from Owl & Mouse

owlzImmediately, there’s a simplicity to this song from Owl & Mouse.  It’s just a little ukulele backed by a solemn piano chord, soon accompanied by Hannah Botting’s voice. Still, the basic approach wraps itself around your ears, drawing you close into the lyrics, discussing the emotions of saying goodbye.  As the song unfolds there’s some really lush accompaniment filling in the space that lays empty…there’s added strings and really light percussion.  It’s a remarkable start for the group’s debut, Departures, which is being released by Fika Recordings later this year.  Find yourself falling in love with this number today.

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