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bodypartsYou guys getting tired of us raving about Body Parts? Well, too bad!  I like the music this group’s pushing right now, blending little bits of dance-tastic beats along with great pop sensibility.  This song’s great, using these touches of jagged guitars and forceful percussion to push the pace of the track, all the while holding onto some high octave harmonies.  The band’s been building quite a name for themselves, which is fitting with their debut, Fire Dream, set for release on October 29th via Father/Daughter Records.  It’s been awhile since I’ve thought about taking things out to the dance floor in hopes of shaking it, but yes, this song is definitely dance-floor ready.


Download: Body Parts – Be A God [MP3]

Get Down With Body Parts

555534_375206492510272_182105325_nWe already posted a couple new tracks from the upcoming Body Parts LP, Fire Dream, due out October 29th on Father Daughter Records.  Today the band are sharing with us yet another new track in the form of this new jam “People”.  Yet again we are treated to some delightful electronic based pop music that’s sure to brighten your Tuesday.  Looking very much forward to this album.

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More New Music From Body Parts

 555534_375206492510272_182105325_nJust two weeks ago, we shared with you a brand new track called “Desperation” from recent Father/Daughter signee Body Parts.  Well today the band are offering up another new single entitled “Unavoidable Things” which can be streamed and enjoyed below.  Similar to our first posting, the song is a great groovy pop number with catchy beats and a bass line that will grow inside your head all day.  I dare you to resist.

As previously mentioned, the band’s debut album Fire Dream will be out on October 29th.

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Body Parts Release Debut with Father/Daughter Records

FireDream_Cover_webThere’s a purity in simple pop songwriting that often is overlooked, though that can’t be said about the newest act on the roster of Father/Daughter Records, Body Parts.  The band has signed with the label to release their debut, Fire Dream, on October 29th, and so far, it sounds like the band’s out to give us all some throwback fun. Utilizing synths, samples and groovy percussive elements, this lead single is nothing short of a hit ready-made for your summer party collection.  Personally, I like the pristine quality of the vocals soaring through through the speakers.  Need a touch of fun? This one’s for you.


Download: Body Parts – Desperation [MP3]