Halfsour Share Paper Window Video

Here’s the thing about Halfsour; the band can pretty much change and adopt to any style to fit their need. You want power-pop? They got it? Need a noisy rocker? They got it. This new single off Sticky is a slow-burning ballad…like I said, they got it all. It’s built up slowly, rolling drums and Zoe’s voice primarily pushing the song forward. You can hear the guitar lines pop up here and there in the first 2 minutes; it’s then that things start to get a little bit broader. The guitar goes for a solo, and the song spreads its wings, with Zoe’s voice again riding on the back of this beautiful bird. Like I said, this trio can do it all. Just wait and see when the LP drops on May 24th via Fire Talk/Disposable America.

Dehd Share Happy Again

There’s just something so thrilling about the simplicity of Dehd; but, in doing so, the band have to be spot on in everything they do in order to be successful. Three singles in, and they don’t seem to have missed a beat, and this might be one of their best tracks on the forthcoming Water. The vibe here definitely harkens to that sunny pop styling that launched a million garage band, with Balla’s style of curving his notes built to perfectly fit into the song’s tight structure; he even gets a nice little punch up from the backing vocals to drill home the song’s hook. It’s got to be hard to be the other band’s out there, as this bunch just seems and sounds like the coolest…all while playing it off like they’re not even trying. Look for Water on May 10th via Fire Talk.


Dehd Share On My Side

Some bands brandish their simplicity like a bag of honor, and I have to tell you that Dehd is one such act, maximizing their emotional pull in a minimalist manner. Jason Balla takes the reigns on this song, delivering his lines with a mixture of croon and spoken word; Emily Kempf belts out this quivering chorus, almost as if she’s reaching out to us from a far away dimension. And, speaking of Emily, she’s also the star of the video, fiercely walking along the highway, at times celebrating life with a shuffle and a hop as the music rings out discordantly. I’m still perplexed by how intoxicating this band can be, and having witnessed it in person at SXSW, you’re in for a treat when Water Out drops via Fire Talk on May 10th.

Dark Tea Shares Video for Angel of Night

I look out the window a lot as of late, hoping for some sort of daydream to take me away, albeit for just a bit of respite. Today, while I’m envisioning my mental journeying, I hear Dark Tea as the soundtrack to that adventure. I think there’s something sublimely intimate about Gary Canino’s delivery on this track, like a half-hearted whisper, as if he’s afraid to share his secrets with you; he seems vulnerable, which is perhaps how I like my songwriters best. Balladry in the bedroom fashion you say? Well, you’ve got my ear; let’s see what the self-titled album has in store when it drops via Fire Talk on March 22nd.

Patio Release Boy Scout

As soon as I put on this new track from Patio, I couldn’t help but think back to one of my favorite acts of the 00s, No Shouts, No Calls from Electrelane. Now, New York’s Patio have a bit more of a casual indifference in their vocal delivery, but you can still hear touches of sharp post-punk hooks and bouncing rhythms that grab listeners and spin them around. For a band with just one EP under their belt, this single strikes you as a fully formed outfit ready to take over your listening habits. Might just be the most exciting bunch I’ve heard in weeks; look for their debut LP, Essentials, out April 5th via Fire Talk Records.

Spin This Dark Tea Tune

Don’t you want to find a song that feels familiar almost immediately? If so, then perhaps you should spin this Dark Tea tune right away. It’s a seemingly simple ditty, with quick strumming and a feathery melody letting you sort of float about in midair. Of course, there’s some string flourishes and a nice little distorted jam in the middle, flexing the song’s muscles as it carries on; I guess it sort of reminds of the poppier stuff the Dead pushed out in that sort of friendly campfire fashion. The self-titled album is out March 22nd via Fire Talk Records.

Monteagle Wins Again with New Single

It wasn’t hard to convince me to play this new Monteagle track; I was stuck right away with the guitars ambling across the stick/snare percussion. Then Justin Giles Wilcox sort of moseyed on over with his gentle croon; I think the hidden charm is the slight vocal change during the chorus, offering up a slightly higher tone whilst still holding onto the natural sense of longing in the tune. It seems like Wilcox is hitting that sweet spot in his songwriting abilities, and we all get the benefit of those gifts; look for Midnight Noon on November 30th via Fire Talk.

Beautiful Monteagle Tune

Monteagle is the project of Nassau/Moonlight Bride songwriter Justin Giles Wilcox, and he’s finally got the tunes to leave the world with his first full length under the name. My ears here two sides to the tune, perhaps my own fragmented listening memories; the first is this powerful emotive pull from Wilcox’ voice cooing over a strummed guitar, lightly aided by backing female counterpart; the other side is this broad sweeping pastoral journey. Both sides are equally as entrancing, with perhaps a little nod to the early work of M. Ward. Midnight Noon will drop on November 30th via Fire Talk Records.

Deeper Back with Another Single

Chicago’s Deeper are just a few weeks away from dropping their debut album, and I’m anticipating heavy rotation around my household. On their latest single, it definitely has that arty post-punk vibe, akin to Omni. But, what the group uses that puts them slightly in their own realm is they brandish sparkling guitar lines; they’re not as sharp as one would hear in a jagged art punk style, giving a natural melody to the band’s sound. Maybe it’s just me, but I can’t get enough of this band. Their self-titled debut will be dropping on May 25th via Fire Talk.


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