Deeper Share Lake Song

Deeper seduced me into this tune with those opening guitar lines; I don’t know what it is about it, but I was hooked, and that’s before the synth notes furthered my intoxication. It definitely set the song up for something slightly different than what the band have offered, though wholly in the vein of post-punk. The vocals have this almost suffocated feel to them, like they’re coming to us from some dampened cavern designed to trap sound. The more I listen to this track the more I marvel at the craft here; it’s very of the moment, but sound wholly unique in its presentation. This should put you on notice that the band’s new album Auto-Pain will be a stunner; drops on March 27th via Fire Talk Records.

Deeper Announce Auto-Pain

If you missed out on Deeper and their self-titled LP, you’re forgiven, but I promise you that you won’t want to sleep on Auto-Pain, the band’s forthcoming album. Admittedly, those post-punk feuding guitar lines had me immediately. Still, what really pushes this song forward is the anxiousness of the vocal delivery; it feels frantic and rushed, pushing you towards danger. It’s only made more emphatic by these little buzzing guitar lines just beneath the mix, adding a tension that helps the song all along the way. Then the 2.5 minute hits and they throw in this intoxicating pop sensibility that felt unexpected yet supremely memorable. Looks to be another success; the LP drops on March 27th via Fire Talk.

Accessory Shares Eyes for Berlin

Accessory is the solo project of Jason Balla, who typically is found playing in Dehd, but they’re working on their sophomore LP, so Jason opted to go and record some work on his own. This tune’s got a heavy feel, primarily through the tones of Jason’s voice. That said, the thematic element of finding that “the world can be beautiful and good” shines right through the track; you can even hear it ever so slightly in Balla’s voice as the song begins to progress. No word on whether the project has long term goals, but as a fan of Dehd, and the band’s label Fire Talk, felt like it was my duty to share this with you!

More New Music from Fran

As we draw near the end of the year, there’s only a handful of records I can think of that have my attention, and this Fran LP is definitely one of those. There’s this unending sense of playfulness in the music crafted by Maria Jacobson and her team, and its buoyed by the performance in this video as well. You’ll hear these slight upticks of vocal inflection a that are most assuredly digging their hooks into you as you listen; still, you can also find a smooth softness that helps carry the melody through the bounce of the riffs and rhythm. A Private Picture drops on November 15th via Fire Talk.

Dehd Share New Single, Letter

Dehd have been high upon my list of great acts to hit the ground running in 2019; their Water LP (Fire Talk) garnered lots of raves. And, just when you think you know a band, they go and grow into something bigger and more badass; you can still here the slight surfy jangle hanging out here, but it’s spun entire differently. This track, and the accompanying video, belongs to Emily Kempf and her performance. She takes her vocals to the next level, skirting around the edges of traditional pop superstars by adding just the faintest gruff texture to her deliver. I’ll take new songs from this band any day.

Fran Announce A Private Picture

Some labels just get on a roll and top hit after hit, and this is very much the year of Fire Talk; today they announce the debut release of Fran, the musical project of Maria Jacobson. This first single is a doozy, bringing in this heavy riffs balanced out by the playfulness of the chorus, though the song’s subject matter might lean closer to the heavier moments; the video definitely attacks the realm of the “boys only” clubs, and deservingly so. Musically it reminds me a lot of Aldous Harding or Cate Le Bon in the way the song’s structured, building and then taking twists and turns that illustrate the power of voice and artistic flare that keeps listeners coming back for the experience. A Private Picture will drop on November 15th.

Gold Dime Announce My House

Listening to through on repeat to this new Gold Dime track, I honestly can’t pigeonhole it any which way. Sure, Andrya Ambro has that Talk Normal lineage, so it can’t definitely find some noisy elements to it…though I think that sells the project short. There’s this exploratory nature to it, whether that’s toying with the way the vocals are recorded or how time is stopped on and turned about. It’s this world that’s both discordant and not, harsh and soothing; it stretches beyond five minutes but never feels tiresome; it’s a beautiful disaster like watching your favorite artists create and then destroy in a fit of rage; it rules. My House is out October 11th via Fire Talk Records.

Campfires Share Jackals Maw

Fire Talk is on a roll this year, and shit, this week really (that Deeper tune!). But, while they’ve kept me alive with great rock n’ roll, I’ve really been gravitating towards the new LP from Campfires, and in particular, this single below. Songwriter Jeff Walls claims a bit of a Velvets feel here, but a more modern turn would be to look at this track through the lens of a Sonny Smith or Woods; it has this rootsy feel to it, while still having this blossoming vibrancy that you can’t turn your ear away from. To me, its like the comfort food of pop music; you feel good listening to it; you feel good knowing its out in the world. Fare Trax will be out on August 30th via Fire Talk.

Halfsour Share Paper Window Video

Here’s the thing about Halfsour; the band can pretty much change and adopt to any style to fit their need. You want power-pop? They got it? Need a noisy rocker? They got it. This new single off Sticky is a slow-burning ballad…like I said, they got it all. It’s built up slowly, rolling drums and Zoe’s voice primarily pushing the song forward. You can hear the guitar lines pop up here and there in the first 2 minutes; it’s then that things start to get a little bit broader. The guitar goes for a solo, and the song spreads its wings, with Zoe’s voice again riding on the back of this beautiful bird. Like I said, this trio can do it all. Just wait and see when the LP drops on May 24th via Fire Talk/Disposable America.

Dehd Share Happy Again

There’s just something so thrilling about the simplicity of Dehd; but, in doing so, the band have to be spot on in everything they do in order to be successful. Three singles in, and they don’t seem to have missed a beat, and this might be one of their best tracks on the forthcoming Water. The vibe here definitely harkens to that sunny pop styling that launched a million garage band, with Balla’s style of curving his notes built to perfectly fit into the song’s tight structure; he even gets a nice little punch up from the backing vocals to drill home the song’s hook. It’s got to be hard to be the other band’s out there, as this bunch just seems and sounds like the coolest…all while playing it off like they’re not even trying. Look for Water on May 10th via Fire Talk.


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