Corey Flood Drop Video

Earlier this year, Corey Flood dropped the Wish You Hadn’t EP, and now they’ve dropped a video for the lead track on said EP. From the get-go, there’s an ominous tone set by the rhythm section, accented by the way the vocals are delivered in a deep half-whisper. Guitar tones shine a little light on the track, just enough to give a hint at pop sensibility. The accompany video has a sort of gray wash to it, splicing images of the group with everyday footage shots. It’s a slow news day, and this song rules, so enjoy. Grab the EP via Fire Talk.

Angular Pop from Deeper

I’ve spent the great part of the last few years trying to convince everyone I know how great Omni is…looks like I can now add another like-minded act to that list with this new Deeper tune. It’s got angular chords seemingly working against the rhythm section at all times; the vocals are delivered in an almost spoken-word manner, meant to match syllables and beats. What’s really enthralling about this tune is how it seems to bounce between styles, dreamy at times, art rock at others…then closing with a little explorative indie rock. This tune appears on the band’s self-titled debut, which is being released via Fire Talk on May 25th.


New Post-Punk Jam from Media Jeweler

I’m not entirely sure where the grand prospect of 1-800-SUCCEED will end up as a whole, but the first single from Media Jeweler‘s new LP is pretty stellar. A ringing guitar seemingly sets you off, albeit for a momentary second before angular guitars cut in and a rolling rhythm section provides the central groove. Every musical note seems to be fighting against the other, like a group of children clamoring for the listener’s attention. There’s room for energy within the confines of this track, and they open up ever-so-slightly near the song’s end, only to deliver one last blast of lyrical content before wrapping up. They’ve got my attention for sure, and the new LP is slated for a release on March 30th via Fire Talk.

The Spookfish Announces Debut Album

Dan Goldberg began The Spookfish in 2007, journeying about the world recording his dreams and experiences, but he’s just announced his debut album…from the studio at least. It still has that glorious intimacy to it, opening with a slight field recording before the buzz of the studio creeps into your speakers. The rest is pulled back to allow Goldberg’s voice to seep in atop the strummed guitar; I do think I heard a door shut in the distance, but other than that, it’s a pretty straightforward gem once you get settled. Fire Talk will be releasing Black Hole on April 21st.

Hope You’re Listening to Turnip King

carsongA few weeks ago, Turnip King popped up on my radar with their track “Metonymy,” which was our first listen to their forthcoming LP. Now, they’ve left us all with this dreamy new tune and it’s accompanying video, which features cropped images atop images…in my eyes, the video encompasses the beautiful moments of life, even the silly ones turning into meaningful ones. The song itself is like a dreamier, noisier Mazzy Star with the distortion billowing out to greet the harmony. Look for Laika on August 19th via Fire Talk.

More From Earring

unnamedEarring is a Chicago based band Nathan and I have both taken a liking to over the last year or so. Though neither of us seem to able to classify the band’s sound, the boys certainly have received the ATH seal of approval. Today I’m excited to share with you their latest single “Slow Mud”. Imagine if you will that a slow core band melded with one of the best indie psych rock bands and that’s about what you have here. Unique to say the least.

New album Tunn Star will drop on June 10th via Fire Talk Records.

Deeper Sign to Fire Talk

Processed with VSCO with f2 presetMan if every label in the world discovered as much good music as Brooklyn outfit Fire Talk, the world would be a better place right? Well they have found yet another quality act in the form of Chicago based indie pop band Deeper. Now these guys create this sort of interesting take on dream pop but with a bit of an edge to it. As you probably know by now, describing music isn’t my strong suit and I prefer you to just trust me and hit play.

Deeper are currently working on a full release coming in 2017. Stay tuned.

Droning Rock from Earring

earringIt’s really hard to classify Earring, and I should probably steer clear of trying in the first place. That being said, those of you who find yourselves interested in droning noise and shoegaze will likely find your ears pleased. The band have crafted a dark wall of sound, and within that wall, deep coated vocals drift atop the mix. There’s a great deal of restraint shown by the band too, pulling back throughout the track in order to maximize the emotional appeal within the song. This song appears on the band’s new Tunn Star LP, which is being released on June 10th via Fire Talk.

More Murals Music

muralsIt trickles in, guitar chords at the ready. Slowly, percussive elements and a wash of atmospherics creep in to the track. By then, you’re emotionally invested in the new Murals tune. But, they quickly turn the pace providing you with a slightly jangly pastoral pop piece. Still, they’re not one to rest to long in one place, changing things to slowly evolve as the track draws to a close. Their new album, Violet City Lantern, should do much of the same, changing bit by bit at the listen unfolds in your eats. Look for the release on February 19th via Fire Talk.

Murals Offer New Single

muralsOn the new Murals single, it takes a few moments before the song really takes off; it opens with a dense little haunt before the guitars brightly enter with the backing of rolling drums. Still, the song’s not really started, as it takes a moment for the band to really sink into their darker approach that comes just about two minutes into the tune. Deep vocals and a trickling guitar carry the song before it moves on again into an airy jangling. I love the fact that there’s so many maneuvers within the track, which illustrates the band’s writing chops and various musical influences. Their new album, Violet City Lantern, will be released on a packed February 19th via Fire Talk.

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