Fresh Tunes from New Berlin

newberlinYou gotta keep an eye on the local labels in this town…especially the ones that have been doing it for a good long time, such as Super Secret Records. The label’s getting ready to release a special flexi-disc 7″ from McCallen’s New Berlin, which is slated for a release on January 10th (Release gig at End of an Ear). Immediately upon pressing play you can hear the danger coming…pounding drums, distorted guitar chords and a gloriously shrouded vocal. And just like that, the song’s done. But, don’t fret, the group also have covered Warsaw (you know, Joy Division) for the B-Side. Check it below.

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Austin Spotlight: El Campo Release

elcampoIf you’re in the mood for a uniquely pressed felix-disc then I think your best bet this week is to order the new single from Austin’s El Campo.  The song features a prominent bit of banjo playing, but while that may hint at a country-infused number, you’ll hear much more of a warm pop approach in the delivery of the vocals.  Personally, I think the group is one of the more dynamic acts in town, able to walk that line between folk/americana and pop music; you can’t help but to love the tracks that are featured on this release.  You’ll be able to pick it up this Friday at Cheer Up Charlies, or order it from their label, and our friends, over at Punctum Records.

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Catchy Number from the Death of Pop

deatI really appreciate labels that do incredibly interesting projects, which is how I feel about the new piece of work that’s coming your way soon via Art Is Hard Records.  The British label is going to be releasing a new 7″ from the Death of Pop on flexi disc, and while that’s great, they’ll also be including a 20 page zine with your order, making it more than just your ordinary 7″ single.  It’ll give you a download for their latest EP, which features the tune we’ve got here.  It’s a bit of a jangling pop song, but also holds little hints of dreamy shoegaze; combining those two elements is rarely done as well as it is below.  Take a listen, and order HERE.


Download: The Death of Pop – Whenever [MP3]