New Music from The Migrant

migrantMan, the Migrant are on an incredible roll.  They’ve released three albums in the last four years, and their next one is on its way.  They’ve just put up our first sample of the new album, Flood, and it’s a pretty marvelous track.  While I can easily say that I just love the overall appeal of the song’s construction, I love the sound of the strumming melded with the rolling percussive element that’s present.  If you’re in need of something to keep you warm today, then you’ve come to the right place.  No date has been announced, but we’ll keep you posted.

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FT5: Underrated Guitar Solos

No countdown is more contested among guitar geeks than the list of the top guitar solos of all time. Heavily dominated by Metal and Classic Rock bands, top 100 lists have spawned all over music media outlets everywhere. Comfortably Numb, Stairway to Heaven, All Along the WatchtowerFreebird. We know the usual suspects. Today we pay homage to some the lesser known solos that, we believe, deserve more attention than they have gotten in the past.

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