New Music from Flotation Toy Warning

I’m continually impressed by Flotation Toy Warning, not to mention I don’t see them having too many peers floating about the world. On their latest single, they almost toy with traditional pop structures, yet the delivery of the vocal lines find themselves twisted in the mini moments that unfold as the song progresses. From shifts in vocal deliveries to filling in the negative spaces with ornate musical details, you’ll find yourself journeying with the group as a warm grin creeps upon your face. Look for the band’s new LP, The Machine That Made Us, to drop on October 13th via Talitres.

Enjoy the Premiere of New Flotation Toy Warning

Sometimes bands accomplish the impossible; they sound familiar, yet you can’t pigeonhole their sound. Such is the latest from Flotation Toy Warning, seemingly drawing parallels from the likes of Flaming Lips or Destroyer, yet with just a hint of Antony’s warble. It’s complex in so many ways, almost as if instruments are shifting tempo simultaneously. Your head will spin in ecstasy as you try to place exactly what you’re hearing, and in that, you’ll find yourself drifting off into the day. On October 13th you’ll be able to get your hand on this encouraging masterpiece, The Machine That Made Us, via Talitres.