Everyone’s On Board With Acid Dad (Finally)

aciddadSo it was almost a year ago when I introduced you to Acid Dad, and told you to look out for this bandbut it looks like the rest of the internet is finally singing their rightful praise. With that said, I’m happy to see that Acid Dadhave returned with another great single from their debut EP. This track, “Fool’s Gold” is a little less tightly wound than the other tunes we’ve heard from the psych punk New Yorkers, but ever-great. I’m really appreciating the building chorus and the gang “Oohs” and “Las” that starkly contrast the gritty snarl of lead vocals. If you didn’t heed my advice before, you really ought to now!!!!!


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Good Pop Vibes from Luke Top (of Fool’s Gold)

lukeI remember jamming to Fool’s Gold quite a bit, but I don’t think that I felt that invested until I heard this new single from Luke Top on his solo outing. He sounds a lot like Albert Hammond Jr. here, smoothing out vocal notes with pop doses; there’s a nice bounce coming in too from the organ as well. Suspect Highs is Luke’s first solo effort, and the few tracks we’ve heard sound really great, so I can’t wait until March 4th when it’s finally released out into the world.

[soundcloud url=”https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/243101187″ params=”color=ff9900&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

I’m In Love with I’m In Love by Fools Gold

foolishI said it. This new tune from Fool’s Gold is just perfect.  It’s filled with a few mini-suites, musically speaking, but in there you’ll find so many delectable ear treats that you’re going to find it hard not to just give into the music.  There’s a little bit of funkiness to it, though I tend to think the song is just super playful, built to let you freak out and enjoy one hell of a day.  The LA act are busy finishing touches on their next album, slated for a release next year, but when you’ve got a hit like this, you can’t hold it back from the masses.  Enjoy yourselves with this one kids.


Download: Fools Gold – I’m In Love [MP3]

Celebrate Sunkissed with Bad Weather California

Today is the release of Bad Weather California‘s Sunkissed LP, their second full-length for the masses. You’ve got to celebrate with them, and the best way to do is by jamming to this sweet tune off their record.  There’s this sunny little vibe going on here, one that definitely aligns with the band’s album title.  But, beneath that, there’s this jam mentality, one that I’m not totally opposed to in this context, as it gives the song a nice groove, not unlike the works of Fool’s Gold, who like to toss out folk with a bit of movement within.  I’m hoping you like this number, leading you to pick it up at the record shop your next time out.


Download:Bad Weather California – I’ll Reach Out My Hand [MP3]

Top Ten ACL Bands

Well, it’s taken us a few days to get over our various illnesses, hangovers, bruised ribs, and what have you, but we’ve compiled our list of who we thought did the best job at ACL this year.  For me, I feel sort of underwhelmed by the whole event, but I know I caught some good stuff. Read on for our list.

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ACL Interviews: Fool’s Gold

In our continued goal to bring you as much pre-ACL coverage as possible, we bring you our second interview of the festival season from L.A. based indie-pop group Fool’s Gold.  We’ve been following these guys since their inception, and have particularly enjoyed their new album Leave No Trace. Leading up to their appearance at ACL in a couple weeks, we sat down with Fool’s Gold front man Luke Top to ask him about his band’s tunes.  Follow the jump for full interview.

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New Tune from Foreign Born (amidst hiatus)

Sad news coming our way as Foreign Born have decided to turn their focus elsewhere, at least for the time being.  I thoroughly loved their record, Person to Person, so I’m sad to see them take a break, but they do have other projects to focus on, such as Fools Gold.  Fortunately, before they head off into the California sun, they’ve left us with a brand new track to enjoy.  Sadly, it only makes me wish all the more that they wouldn’t hang things up just yet, as they clearly have some brilliant stuff left to accomplish.


Download: Foreign Born – Keep It In Mind [MP3]

Fool’s Gold

foolsgoldNo not that terrible movie with Kate HudsonFool’s Gold is a brand new collective/band hailing from the big city of Los Angeles.  We call the band a collective because it started out as more of a side project of sorts and has since moved into a huge band full of artists with mixed musical influences.  You’ll find members of Foreign Born, a former We Are Scientists drummer, a member of The Fall, and tons of other talented musicians.  You can expect debut self-titled full length from the band September 29th via IAMSOUND Records.

[audio: http://austintownhall.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/06/01-surprise-hotel-1.mp3]

Download: Fool’s Gold – Surprise Hotel [MP3]