The Bats Share Gone to Ground Video

You can’t really start a Friday of new music off if you don’t cover that new Bats tune can you? No. You just can’t. So here we are, enjoying the promise of a 10th LP on the horizon, and a wonderfully solemn pop tune from Robert Scott and company. While its easy to revel in the dark simplicity of this tune, I was really connected when the light vocal accompaniment comes in during the chorus; it gives you that melodic nod while also bringing in a sense of longing. For me, that’s where that joy is…that sense of seeking something out, knowing it exists and feeling like it holds the rewards of the world…and such is the promise of Bats tune. Foothills will be out via Flying Nun on November 13th.

Beautiful Bobey Tune Coming Your Way

Honestly, I didn’t expect to love this song so much, but it continues to seep into my skin, playing over and over again. Bobey spends the first 45 seconds offering you up these carefully orchestrated guitar lines, looping through your speakers; there’s a wispy quality to the softened twang of the strings. That perfectly sets up the entrance of the feathery vocals, rising and falling in pitch with the tone of the guitar work. And, as if to channel Grizzly Bear, Emily Ritz joins in the fray on vocals to add this sweeping textural pop feeling that soothes. Bobey releases Siblings on August 24th via Golden Brown, featuring the gem below.