New Music from Made-Up

Imagine that you took bands like the Clientele, Animal Collective and Elvis Depressedly…then throw it in a blender and see how fucking beautiful the world could be…that’s what this new track from Made-Up sounds like to me. It has this warped, warm coating that intoxicates the listener, while still making nods to our love of pop sensibility. Still, it has this natural intimacy that lends itself to the vibe we often get with bedroom recordings; it’s sort of the perfect blend of all your favorite things, allowing you, encouraging you, to get swept away in the world. Look for the Made-Up EP, out March 8th via Forged Artifacts.

New Music from Small Forward

I first heard Small Forward when they dropped their Affections EP via Forged Artifacts back in 2017, and now it looks like there’s new music on the horizon. I love the growth the band have shown, even within this singular tune. The track trickles in nice and slow, letting guitar chords dance and shimmer right behind the feathered vocals; it all seems calm and chilled out. But, around the 2:20 mark, there’s this gradual build and an emphatic movement in the track that still holds the melodic majesty while seeming all the more powerful than before. No word on when this song will pop up, and where, but a great song to share with you nonetheless.

Hooked On Get a Life

I know everyone’s hooked on that G. Nash single from Friday, but something else that dropped last week via Forged Artifacts is a little bit Texas, so let’s turn our attention towards Get a Life. This whole record reminds me of what we might have got if Jason Lytle kept leaving Grandaddy in a more pop oriented direction. It employs the same usage of layering notes, while still creating this hook that pulls in the listener. Chase deMaster has this calm voice that rides the melody of the track from start to finish; it’s really one of the keys to the success of the song. Our Band Could be Your Life or Debt drops February 7th via Forged Artifacts/Artificial Heart.

Plums Ready EP02

Up until now, I always think of songs with the title Wendy as an ode to Descendents (even though I know that’s an ode to Beach Boys in and of itself). That might change now that I’ve heard the pop amalgamation coming from Plums; there’s something sinisterly sweet in this song. Perhaps it’s the R&B references at work in the harmonies, or maybe the hauntingly playful moments that creep up from the distance. I guess in the end, it’s a fairly simple pop song, though it’s being presented in a unique repackaging…hopefully drawing in listeners. The group will drop EP02 on September 7th via Forged Artifacts.

Suzie Drop New Tune

You’re putting together that late night playlist for all those summertime after-parties, and now you’ve got another song that’s going to be a mainstay on said playlist. Suzie drops this new single from the forthcoming Pressure cassette; it’s going to be released in August. The song features Claure de Lune of Tiny Deaths, who drapes her voice over the slow-jam crafted by Mark Ritsema and Graham Barton (who also produced the record). It’s just a casual bit of pop music begging for repeat listens as you hold your partner close to you. Pressure is out on August 31st via Forged Artifacts.



Another Lawn Tune

Once you put away the Dylan reference in this new Lawn single, it reveals an emphatic punch of a tune. Musically, it’s pretty standard guitar and drums, but I think the lyrical play, and the delivery of said lyrics, leaves you with a good impression of the group. Those lyrics are delivered in a very matter of fact manner, akin to spoken word, though they take on a slight howl for the work in the chorus. Just another example of competent songwriting that will appear on the group’s debut LP, which drops May 11th via Forged Artifacts.

Loving This Lawn Tune

Still trying to wrap my head around some of the tunes we missed last week, like this jam from Lawn that popped up on GFP. The softness of the chorus has some similarities to acts like Hovvdy, mainly in its use of melody and simple structures. But, admittedly, the bread and butter for me is the sharp guitar cuts, almost art punk in manner, causing the song to inhabit this infectious stuttering landscape, setting the mood for that smooth aforementioned chorus. Looks like the band’s debut LP, Blood on the Tracks, will be a sure-fire winner; it’s being released by Forged Artifacts on May 11th.

Wellness Release New Video

Wellness are one of the newest acts to sign up with Forged Artifacts, and they just recently released a new video from their Mall Goth EP. Musically, the song has an almost bedroom pop vibe, though the production is well above that; it just has this personable quality that connects you to the song from the get-go. I love the way the vocals change in tone in an instant, all the way down to that deep baritone. Fans of dreamy pop with shimmering guitar lines and natural hooks will surely adore this tune. And, if you’re looking to know what I looked like in 1993, just watch the video real closely…save for the rollerblades. I never rollerbladed. The new EP will be out on cassette on April 6th; you can pre-order it HERE.

Bill Waters Rules

While we’re about to settle into Fall (yes, even in Texas), it’s time to break out the easy listening. Bill Waters should be someone on your radar, pulling from an era of pop that carries wistful melodies and promises of sunsets on the horizon. You’ll get a slight bounce from the strumming of the guitar, offset by a sinisterly smooth vocal performance. This song is the first off his debut Humid EP, which will handled by Forged Artifacts.

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