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Enjoy The Chemistry Experiment

chemNo. We’re not talking about work in a lab, we’re talking about the UK band, The Chemistry Experiment,  who are prepping the release of their second album with this brand new single. As of now, it’s titled Gongs Played by Voice, which gives way to the band’s broader touches on the pop spectrum.  There’s a careful quiet to this track that I’ve found really entrancing today, which is why I wanted to share it with you.  Those of you with a light touch of folk on the mind will likely find the ornate touches here quite special.  Look for the group’s new LP via Fortuna Pop in January.

Lightning Pop from Joanna Gruesome

comicYeah yeah, this song was everywhere. But hey, I’m not going to jump off the Joanna Gruesome train anytime soon. I love that there’s two sides to this tune, which seems to represent my own personal tastes.  The first offering you get is this fast paced riot-girl rock, but they pull back quite a bit to offer a glimpse at the pop sensibility they maintain with ease.  This song is 1 of the 4 off a new 7″ that’s being released as a split with popular Perfect Pussy.  It’ll be accompanied by a nice comic book too, which is the work of Phil McAndrew (his sister rocks in PP).  You’ll want to get your hands on this when it’s released by Captured Tracks, Slumberland Records and Fortuna Pop…a pretty solid triumvirate of rad labels.

Fresh New Jam from Let’s Wrestle

lets_wrestle_web_1It’s weird how quickly Let’s Wrestle blew into our lives, then quietly faded away.  But, that doesn’t mean I wasn’t keep an eye on the group…though it’s much harder from overseas. They’ve recently released their latest album, which is actually their first self-titled record.  I beg you to find a way to get it in your hands, as it’s one of those records that will undeservedly fly under the radar. This song is one of my favorites; it shows just how mature the songwriting has gotten over the years, from the steadier pace to the use of string arrangements.  Reminds me of the old school Brit-pop, just re-imagined; you can grab it from Fortuna Pop.

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Darren Hayman Joins Up with Emma Kupa

darrenI love a good joint venture between artists, especially when it’s two people who create music that I absolutely adore.  You take the lead man of Hefner, toss him in with the always enchanting Emma Kupa of Standard Fare fame, and you’re sure to have hits, right? Yes, that’s right.  I love how Darren‘s voice is perfectly complimented by Emma’s on this tune; they seem like the perfect fit, to me anyways.  They’ve released this tune as a 7″ on Fortuna Pop, and it is also accompanied by this great video so you can get to know our songwriters and their string game skills.  Hope you dig this track as much as I do.

SXSW 2014 Interview: September Girls

septembergirlsThe great thing about SXSW is that you get a lot of bands coming in from abroad to test the waters of the American music scene, so we figured we ought to offer up one of those acts to you: September Girls.  The band is working with Fortuna Pop for their album, Cursing the Sea, which is a solid release.  We even changed up our set of questions a bit for the ladies to give you a different look at acts traveling to us from far away.  Read more for answers from the group’s Jessie Ward; help us welcome them when they make it our way. Read More

New Music from September Girls + SXSW

septemberWe were definitely some of the first folks to cover the dream pop of September Girls, thanks to the work of our friends at Matinee Recordings.  But, it’s high time we threw something new your way from these lovely ladies.  They’ll be releasing their album, Cursing the Sea, via Fortuna Pop on March 11th, offering up this dreamy rock that is begging for you to sink your teeth into.  And, if that wasn’t enough, the ladies will be heading our way in Austin to play a few sets at SXSW, so if you’re going to be in town, you best get acquainted with them now before they’re the next big thing.

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Fresh New Music from Let’s Wrestle

lets_wrestle_web_1Since 2010, Let’s Wrestle have been high on our radar.  We were even fortunate to have them play one of our SXSW parties that year, which featured other great acts like Surf City and The Crayon Fields.  The band have been largely under the radar for awhile, but they’re new effort seems to take on a slightly different approach to things.  Where the band once pushed forward with jangling guitar chords at a frenetic pace, you’ll now find a relaxed setting for the group to really work on their craft, slowing things down quite a bit.  It’s hard not to like these guys; you can find their next LP on Fortuna Pop sometime in 2014.

Jagged Indiepop from The Spook School

FPOP156LPA bit back in time I came upon The Spook School, an Edinburgh act that had released a 7″ with Cloudberry Records.  It seems the group are on their way up, having signed with Fortuna Pop to release their latest LP, Dress Up.  On this single, bassist Anna Cory is rocking things out vocally, with the group’s sharp guitar work inserting both twee and noisier pop elements into your veins.  I like the fact that the band is working on hitting the main strokes of modern indiepop, but with a slightly heavier edge.  This is definitely a band you’ll want to keep an eye on, as songs this good are bound to make waves overseas.

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