Flowers Release Last Single Ever on Fortuna Pop

No. Flowers are not breaking up. But, with their new 7″ single, Fortuna Pop will finally close its doors and move on to greener pastures. Sadly, we might not find a finer purveyor of pop, but we’ll always have the memories. The label, in my eyes, goes out with a bang, dropping two Flowers tracks that are memorable as ever. The first tune has a bubbly underbelly, while the latter track has a juxtaposed softness to it…all illustrating just how glorious the band is. Enjoy the tracks below, and fall in love, for the last time, with Fortuna Pop.

Cinema Red and Blue Single Comes from Fortuna Pop

While Fortuna Pop has called it a day, they remain ultra classy by releasing everything they promised to their Singles Club…such as this Cinema Red and Blue gem. I’ve been a fan of Comet Gain, so having David Feck writing new ditties never seems like a bad idea to anyone…not to mention the involvement of other great acts like Pale Lights and Crystal Stilts. Not sure if this will be the last release we ever get to enjoy from Fortuna Pop, but if so, its great to see it going out with one last incredible pop dosage.

Goodbye Fortuna Pop: A Love Letter

fortuna-pop-637x358Ever since I first started collecting music as a passion, I’ve always been one of those that blindly follows the labels I love; I buy anything they put out, whether or not I was initially impressed with what I heard…I trust these people. It probably started with Dischord, somehow merged into Saddle Creek and Vagrant…then the Internet exploded…and with that, so did my tastes. I had to find a new label to love…among those was Fortuna Pop. Read more

Yesterday’s News: Another Mercury Girls Hit

mercuryWhile Mercury Girls are in the midst of wrapping up their debut, they’ll be a huge part of the Continental Drift compilation, which also features the likes of the Spook School, Tigercats and Wildhoney. One of their tunes just went up this week from the compilation, featuring the shimmering guitar work you’ve come to expect from a band with Kevin Attics; the quick drum work isn’t too shabby either. It all lines up perfectly to leave room for the soaring vocals, which inevitably hold the listener until the end. Be sure to get your copy from Slumberland and Fortuna Pop on August 26th.

Hear a Brand New Wildhoney Tune

WildhoneyMy affinity for indiepop/shoegaze doesn’t ever fade, especially when one of my favorites, Wildhoney, come to mind. The band will be featured on what is already an incredibly anticipated release from Fortuna Pop/Slumberland Records…a four-way compilation featuring The Spook School, Tigercats and The Mercury Girls. This tune definitely looks more to the Wildhoney’s bouncier side, whilst still including that delightful wash of atmospherics atop. I’m a fan of the short bass solo in the song’s latter half before they blast back into infectious exuberance. You’ll have to get your hands on this when it hits on August 26th. Already pondering whether a compilation can be album of the year…on my end anyways.

Hey! New Evans the Death

evansYou thought you knew Evans the Death? Well, you guessed wrong, as the group are clearing changing things up for their new album, Vanilla. The core of this song is a squawking groover, although the band maintain a bit of tenacity in their punishing delivery of the chorus…leading to a complete change of direction in the latter half of the track. It’s like they’re completely re-imagining where they’re going, and it sounds brilliant. Those good people over at Fortuna Pop will be releasing the new effort on June 10th, so be sure to get at it.

More New Music from Hayman Kupa Band

haymankupaI recently wrote about how prolific Darren Hayman has been, having just released a new single for Fortuna Pop. Now he’s back with the Hayman Kupa Band, comprised primarily of he and Emma Kupa of Mammoth Penguins/Standard Fare. Emma opens up this new track claiming “I’m an asshole,” which is the self-deprecating humor that pervades the song, though it’s truly a song about longing for a partner. It’s hard to turn away from this sprite-ly tune…in part because it’s so great, and also because these two have been such a huge part of my listening as of the last few years. I particularly love Emma’s vocals just around the 2 minute mark. Enjoy this track, and keep your ears peeled for more from the band.

Martha Should Be Your New Favorite Band

marthaOn the latest single from Martha, the group opens up really casually, just working the approach with vocals and guitars. That segment alone wins my fandom, based on the sweet vocal tones that are present…but some people need a bit more. You can feel it coming in this track, a faint buzz in the speakers up until the 1 minute mark, and then they blast off. They bring a crashing bit of pop rock fueled by gang vocals and distorted riffs that will ring in your ears, just as you try to memorize every second of the lyrics. This track appears on Blisters in the Pit of My Heart, which will be released in July via Dirtnap and Fortuna Pop.

Brand New Spook School

You know The Spook Schoolis one of my favorite bands of the moment. I quietly (or not so) tracked the band all around town during SXSW, even throwing a couple of shows together, just so they’d have a happy home. Well, news breaks today that the band have a brand new couple of songs appearing on the Continental Drift Compilation via Slumberland and Fortuna Pop. They’re debuting it via video, which is perfect, as you can clearly sense the band’s enjoyment/humor coming through in the clips; it’s one of the things that also makes them such a special live band. Look for the compilation in August…but for now, just relish in the fact that great pop bands still exist. Also, sorry for the over-abundance of FPop stuff today, but when you got it, you got it.

New Music from Darren Hayman

darrenOne of my favorite tracks of the last few years is “Boy, Look at What You Can’t Have Now,” which features Darren Hayman (as well as Emma Kupa), so I’ve kept a close eye on the hard-working music vet. Just yesterday, the esteemed Fortuna Pop upped a cover version of “I”ve Been a Bad Bad Boy” by Paul Jones; it’s a new track from Darren Hayman that he recorded with Papernut Cambridge (a band he drums for) as his backing band. It’s a delightful cover, focused around Hayman’s distinctive voice, providing just a hint of swing to it. The label will be releasing the 7″ on May 20th as part of their Jukebox 45 Single Series…and it’ll be very limited on purple vinyl, so rush on over there.

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