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Brand New Joanna Gruesome

grewsumThis new Joanna Gruesome has to be one of the hottest commodities not yet out there; I feel like everyone is talking about it…and no one is saying a bad word.  So, when a band and a record like that comes along, the best thing we can do is to turn up the singles, and prematurely (possibly unjustly) make up our mind. This tune has a real soft side, which is one of the reason’s I’m in love with it. Still, the band brings  their tenacity, switching between that softness and a brash bit of rock n’ roll.  Look for Peanut Butter to hit on May 11th via Slumberland Records/Fortuna Pop.

Jam This New Martha EP

martaI love a good batch of enthusiastic punk rock tunes, especially when they come with a bit of rambunctious attitude, and possibly a bit of lo-fi recording value. Martha have been on my radar for some time, after releasing Courting Strong via Fortuna Pop.  So, they’ve now got this great little 10″ EP coming out, even though the tunes are a few years old.  The self-titled EP is getting a vinyl release courtesy of Brighton’s Tuff Enuff Records, and those of you who are into the rock n’ roll are definitely going to enjoy it. You can stream the whole EP below and grab the EP HERE.

Cuz Pitchfork Said It Wuz Cool: ft. Joanna Gruesome and Jimmy Whispers

grewsumThis is a new feature for me. I’m currently just re-posting what P-Fork had to say. They’re huge; they get priority. So, if you read this already, skip ahead. Sorry for wasting your time, kind of. The first jam is from Joanna Gruesome…it’s a more rocking version of their previous hits.  It comes from their next LP, Peanut Butter, which has a release date on Slumberland/Fortuna Pop near the end of Spring.

The next jam is from Jimmy Whispers, who I wrote about a few weeks back, and he’s riding the coattails of P4K to the bank! He’s constructing these bedroom jams that definitely bare some DIY/home-studio perfections, but dammit if they’re not catchy as hell. You’ll find the tune on Summer in Pain, which hits stores on March 24th. And remember, this is all cuz Pitchfork said it wuz cool.

Evans the Death Push The Noise Up

evenIn the past, I think the music of Evans the Death has had an element of safety to it; it’s not that I don’t appreciate that…by any means. But the instant this guitars feedback in this new single, it was the instant I realized that these youngsters are branching out in directions I didn’t quite expect…though it’s very much welcomed. It’ll be nice to see a young group grow up, sonically before our eyes. There’s this oddity to Katherine’s voice too, not in an off-putting direction, but in the tonality that really allows her vocal performance to hold the song together.  It’s another exciting reason to look forward to the band’s new LP, Expect Delays…being issued by Slumberland and  Fortuna Pop on March 10th.

More Delightful Tunes from Tigercats

kittiesJust a bit ago I brought you a new jam from Tigercats, and at the time, I thought it was going to be something glorious, or at least I hoped.  Now that I’ve heard the latest single from the band, I can pretty much guarantee it’s going to be something special.  The careful interplay between male and female vocalists is always endearing, and it’s done exceptionally well here, with keyboardist Laura stepping into her own with the lead role.  You’ll hear some nice doses of keyboards working beneath the harmonies here, all making this indiepop fan swoon.  Look for their album, Mysteries, to come soon via Fortuna Pop.

Enjoy The Chemistry Experiment

chemNo. We’re not talking about work in a lab, we’re talking about the UK band, The Chemistry Experiment,  who are prepping the release of their second album with this brand new single. As of now, it’s titled Gongs Played by Voice, which gives way to the band’s broader touches on the pop spectrum.  There’s a careful quiet to this track that I’ve found really entrancing today, which is why I wanted to share it with you.  Those of you with a light touch of folk on the mind will likely find the ornate touches here quite special.  Look for the group’s new LP via Fortuna Pop in January.

Lightning Pop from Joanna Gruesome

comicYeah yeah, this song was everywhere. But hey, I’m not going to jump off the Joanna Gruesome train anytime soon. I love that there’s two sides to this tune, which seems to represent my own personal tastes.  The first offering you get is this fast paced riot-girl rock, but they pull back quite a bit to offer a glimpse at the pop sensibility they maintain with ease.  This song is 1 of the 4 off a new 7″ that’s being released as a split with popular Perfect Pussy.  It’ll be accompanied by a nice comic book too, which is the work of Phil McAndrew (his sister rocks in PP).  You’ll want to get your hands on this when it’s released by Captured Tracks, Slumberland Records and Fortuna Pop…a pretty solid triumvirate of rad labels.

Fresh New Jam from Let’s Wrestle

lets_wrestle_web_1It’s weird how quickly Let’s Wrestle blew into our lives, then quietly faded away.  But, that doesn’t mean I wasn’t keep an eye on the group…though it’s much harder from overseas. They’ve recently released their latest album, which is actually their first self-titled record.  I beg you to find a way to get it in your hands, as it’s one of those records that will undeservedly fly under the radar. This song is one of my favorites; it shows just how mature the songwriting has gotten over the years, from the steadier pace to the use of string arrangements.  Reminds me of the old school Brit-pop, just re-imagined; you can grab it from Fortuna Pop.

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