Show Preview: Jacco Gardner/EZTV @ Red 7 (7.4)

Panache Booking July 4th Event 2015

Date 07.04
Location Red 7
Doors 9 pm
Tickets 10$ Here

So you’ve been invited to three different barbecues and four different Fourth of July parties, and you simply can’t choose which one to go to. Solution: hit up Red 7 with me and some of your friends and rock out for ‘Mericuh Day. Here is your chance to catch not just one or two great acts, but four. Jacco Gardner is riding high off his trippy psychedelic folk release, Hypnophobia, while EZTV are sure to melt your face with their crisp and angular guitar playing. Dinner, another Captured Tracks artist, will mix things up with his trippy new age electronica, while Lonely Life will start the evening off with a little hardcore punk. Since doors are late, swing by those parties and then head on over to catch this great lineup. What is more american than celebrating your love of the jams for a low low price? Nothing, that’s what. Except maybe apple pie. Maybe.


Because America, That’s Why.

It is the Fourth of July. You might have the day off. You might be day-drinking. You might be readying meats and substitute meat-products for the grill. You might want to listen to some jams. Well, How about I remind you of some recent doings here.

If you want to get some vinyl for the turntable, take a gander at the 2013 Albums of the Year… So Far list. All of us with a hand in picking jams and reviewing records chimed in to create the best list ever. And I mean that. Ever.

Next up, we have the No Bummer Summer 2013 playlist. It works great on your mobile device via the Soundcloud apps (Apple, Android, WP). It has the jams, it has the bleeps, it has the locals, it has the internationals, it has the hits – it has it all, really.

Finally, if you want to just get silly and dance a little and then chill and then dance some more, the IT Dept. Summer Playlist is a digitally affected set of tracks to use for your enjoyment. No repeats on the IT and No Bummer playlist means about three hours of nothing but awesome.

I set up both embedded after the break. I know, I am really nice. So, Happy Independence Day, I hope you and Will Smith have fun taking out the aliens.

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Binge Drink with Fourth of July

fourthofjulyI’ll admit that from time to time I have a tendency to revel in my juvenile tendencies, like punk rock and binge drinking.  When I first listened to this new single from Fourth of July both of those things came to mind immediately.  As the song kicked off, it had this relaxed vocal delivery, sort of like early Cursive albums.  Then the tune jumped off into a much more emphatic circle of fun type track, with gang vocals included; these are the sorts of things I definitely can get into.  If you, like me, enjoy what you’re hearing, then I suggest you pick up the group’s new record, Empty Moon, when it hits on April 9th from High Dive Records.


Download:Fourth of July – Binge Drinking [MP3]